Organizing Student Supplies

Is there a teacher who doesn’t love brand-new school supplies? Perhaps, but I wouldn’t put money on it. Well, let me clarify. I believe most teachers get a charge out of new school supplies—just like kiddos do. What can be troubling for teachers is what to do with the avalanche of school supplies that arrive…

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Connecting with Your Kiddos

This morning, a local news personality spilled the beans—summer vacation for students and teachers is more than halfway over. Whaaaat? Say it isn’t so! One of the great things about teaching, in my opinion, is the fresh start of a brand-new school. I like that “clean slate” feeling.  I also totally love getting to know…

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Heave Ho!

It’s a brand-new school year—a fresh beginning. This makes it the perfect time to update, replace, and give things you no longer use the ol’ heave-ho. My good buddy, a fourth-grade teacher, gave her desk the ol’ heave-ho. As she explained to me, she rarely uses the desk, which takes up valuable classroom space. And…

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