You’re HOW Old?

Have your students ever tried to guess your age? A teacher friend of mine recently had me in stitches as she described her students’ attempts to guess her age. Their guesses were not flattering, though quite hysterical. Luckily my friend has a hearty sense of humor.

My kiddos knew that I played soccer, spoiled my pets, loved chocolate, and rooted for the local football team. And yes, they knew my age. (Always quite humbling.) What they didn’t know was that I wore contacts. No big deal, right?  I didn’t think so either. That is until a student of mine saw me on a Saturday morning sporting my specs. “Ms. Badden, you wear glasses? Mom! Did you know Ms. Badden wears glasses?” It was an unexpected moment of bonding since this little guy wore glasses too.

It will soon be time to head back to school. What do you plan to tell your students about yourself? You know they’ll be all ears!



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