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What’s Your Top 5?

While roaming about on the Internet, I found this article about 20 indispensible high school reads. It’s an interesting list to peek at, if just to see which choices you agree with. Personally, I’m just glad they didn’t include any Faulkner on the list. I know he was an immensely talented individual, but Intruder in…

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Tell a Fairy Tale!

February 26 is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. I don’t know who made up this day, but it’s incredibly annoying that they decided it belongs on a Sunday. This would be a wonderful day to celebrate in the classroom! So I recommend that you make this Friday or the Monday afterward your personal “Tell…

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Hello, February!

In my opinion, February is a terrific month simply because it’s a bit of excitement stuck between the rather blah months of January and March. Valentine’s Day makes me happy! Oh sure, you may quibble that it’s a “Hallmark holiday” and that the end result for a teacher is a messy classroom covered with little…

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