Money Saving Tips for Teachers

What would teachers do without discount department stores, dollar-type stores, teacher discounts, sales, coupons, and such? Honestly, I have no idea. Even though I no longer have my own classroom, I’m always looking for a better deal. So I’m thinking, if we each share one or two ways we save money, we’ll end up with a treasure trove of money saving tips.

I’ll start. Thanks to a teacher pal of mine, I’ve discovered two FREE apps that are cash back savings apps. One is the Ibotta app. Ibotta can be used for online shopping and instore purchases. Just by scanning my grocery and craft store receipts I’ve earned more than $200 in the last year! Fetch is another app that works in a similar way. I also use the Walmart Saving Catcher, which of course is free. However the money collected in the saving catcher can only be applied to Walmart purchases.

Okay, now it’s your turn! I can’t wait to hear your money-saving tips!



2 thoughts on “Money Saving Tips for Teachers

  1. There are so many ways we can save. This is what I do:
    1. I track my expenses.
    2. Save for retirement.
    3. I use teacher discounts.
    4. Pay in cash instead of using credit card.
    5. Don’t overspend.
    6. Asking parents to donate supplies.
    7. I tutor after school.
    And more…

  2. Use Donors Choose for materials and equipment. I have had several items funded by writing and submitting projects!

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