From Apples to Watermelon?

What’s 92% water, classified as both a fruit and a vegetable, and is available in roughly 1,200 different varieties?                         That would be watermelon!

In case you’re wondering, the heaviest watermelon on record to date is a 350.5 pound whopper grown in Tennessee by Chris Kent. Kent set this record in 2013. In 1995, Jason Schayot spit a watermelon seed 75 feet and two inches, a record that has yet to be broken. Turn these two watermelon facts into memorable math lessons by challenging students to collect 350.5 pounds of nonperishable food for a local shelter and engaging kiddos in marking a distance of 75 feet and two inches in a hallway or on a paved outdoor location. For a watermelon-themed get-acquainted writing activity check out “Slice of Summer Art.”

I guess it might seem odd to suggest watermelon-themed activities for back to school, however with so many kiddos heading back to school in August, a few watermelon-themed activities make sense—at least to me!

What’s your vote? “Yay” or “Nay” for back-to-school watermelon activities?

Wishing you a “Melon of a new school year!”


6 thoughts on “From Apples to Watermelon?

  1. Yay! Kids in our district go back August 14 and most schools are without A/C. You need something cute to keep them occupied. Watermelons for the win!!

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