Bees in My Britches

“If you’re not making a mistake, then you’re not doing anything.” “In every mistake there is a potential for growth.” And here’s another great one: “It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them that defines us.”

Mistakes are made. You’ll make a few, and so will your colleagues. Your students will definitely make mistakes. What about your administrator? He or she will make a few too. And you know what? Life will go on. I have three personal thoughts about mistakes:

  • Number one, own it. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, by golly own that sucker!
  • Two, learn from your mistakes. Heck, why do you think I’m so smart? (I’m unabashedly kidding here, folks—about me being smart. Though I do have several mistake-related wisdoms tucked away!)
  • And three, don’t beat yourself up. Think of it this way—that mistake has made you a wee bit smarter!
BUZZZZZZZ!!! Photo by Glenn Merritt

Photo by Glenn Merritt

Now about those bees in my britches. Yes, I’m being literal here. My mistake? I wasn’t being aware of my surroundings, and I stepped into (on) a yellow jackets’ nest while mowing my grass. Those bees were very angry with me and literally flew up my pants and stung me to smithereens. What did I learn? Watch where you step—always.

Best regards for a fantastic school year!


PS: What have you learned from a recent mistake? Please share!

4 thoughts on “Bees in My Britches

  1. I’ve learned not to buy clothes from Macy’s without first knowing how the line fits me. Go in one time buy from the line see how they size and then I can buy online.

  2. When you own your mistake you free yourself from that stigma of having to be right all the time. This was something I had to work on; purposefully practice. Ever since then I am a more peaceful person…

  3. ‘…bees were very angry with me and literary flew up my pants …’
    Did you perhaps make a mistake and mean ‘literally’? It made me smile at the thought of a bee reading a copy of War and Peace!. Thank you for all the good work!

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