Word Nerds!

I am a nerd, and I have several nerdy friends. Even being in close contact with these individuals, I have a difficult time defining what a nerd is. I can, however, give you fine examples of nerdy behavior. A nerd… May inform you with undisguised glee that the Rebel fighter pilots in the new Star…

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Balloons and Broadway

At some point during Thanksgiving Day morning, you’ll find me sacked out in my favorite chair taking in the sights and sounds of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. One day, I’m hoping to watch the parade from a New York City rooftop and be nose to nose with those totally awesome and humongous caricature…

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National No Rhyme Day!

Tomorrow, September 1, is National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day! It’s a day set aside to celebrate words in the English language that don’t rhyme with any other words. (Who comes up with these things?) I’m bringing it up to you because this might be a super fun day to celebrate in the classroom. Consider…

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Tell Me a Story

One day when I was young—probably around 12 years old—my mother read in one of her women’s magazines that the best way to get all the ketchup to the top of the large, plastic squeeze bottle was to grasp it by the bottom and swing it around in a giant circle. It really works! It…

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