A Resolution With Legs

I believe I’ve discovered a New Year’s resolution I can stick with. It won’t make me sweat or experience uncontrollable cravings. If I space it out for a day or two—or a week—it’s alright. And as an added bonus, this resolution can help me power through those days when Murphy’s Law drives me alarmingly close…

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A full moon and Santa? That's bad news.

Beware the Full Moon

It’s the perfect storm, my teacher friends. What am I talking about? There’s a full moon and the holidays are almost here. These two events coinciding may cause the following symptoms in your students: Amnesia in regards to all previous rules learned in the classroom Uncontrollable urges to blurt out completely irrelevant information The inability…

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Balloons and Broadway

At some point during Thanksgiving Day morning, you’ll find me sacked out in my favorite chair taking in the sights and sounds of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. One day, I’m hoping to watch the parade from a New York City rooftop and be nose to nose with those totally awesome and humongous caricature…

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Giving Thanks

When it comes to Thanksgiving Day–themed activities for the classroom, most of the ideas you find have to do with turkeys and Pilgrims. Now there’s nothing wrong with turkeys and Pilgrims, but it’s certainly important for all of us to remember that Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. It’s said that showing gratitude makes us healthier…

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