Hello, February!

In my opinion, February is a terrific month simply because it’s a bit of excitement stuck between the rather blah months of January and March. Valentine’s Day makes me happy! Oh sure, you may quibble that it’s a “Hallmark holiday” and that the end result for a teacher is a messy classroom covered with little…

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A Resolution With Legs

I believe I’ve discovered a New Year’s resolution I can stick with. It won’t make me sweat or experience uncontrollable cravings. If I space it out for a day or two—or a week—it’s alright. And as an added bonus, this resolution can help me power through those days when Murphy’s Law drives me alarmingly close…

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A full moon and Santa? That's bad news.

Beware the Full Moon

It’s the perfect storm, my teacher friends. What am I talking about? There’s a full moon and the holidays are almost here. These two events coinciding may cause the following symptoms in your students: Amnesia in regards to all previous rules learned in the classroom Uncontrollable urges to blurt out completely irrelevant information The inability…

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