Whooooo’s Having a Birthday?

Really, you’re going to talk about birthdays? (Is that what you’re thinking?) The answer is “Yes.” I’ll make it quick.  I have just a couple of ideas to share! 

I love the idea of plotting birthdays on a coordinate graph. I realize this isn’t appropriate for all grade levels, but trust me, kids grasp the concept very quickly when it relates to birthdays! A quick glance keeps you and your students in the know about upcoming birthdays. Also, summer birthdays are less likely to be overlooked. (For the younger crowd, I suggest beginning the graph with the first month of the school year.) CLICK HERE



And here’s a quick “birthday gift” idea. Cut apart a few copies of these gift cards, mix up the cutouts, and store them in a celebratory hat or gift bag. The birthday student draws a card as part of his or her birthday celebration!


I love birthdays. How about you?




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