And On to February!

In my opinion, February is less challenging than January. Why? January lasts FOREVER. It seems like it has 72 days instead of 31. Also, January is lacking in exciting celebrations, themes, and occasions. February is full of goodness! We’ve got Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, National Children’s Dental Health Month, and Black History Month.

Celebrate the ending of January with these terrific ePackets! ePackets are small bundles of activities and worksheets that give you just what you need for a theme, skill, or holiday. The best part? Most of our ePackets are only $3.99! (We include a preview of each ePacket on our website—just click on “Preview ePacket” beneath the cover image.)


This Valentine’s Day ePacket is full of activities and worksheets for grades K–1.





This Presidents’ Day ePacket has activities and worksheets for Grades 2–3.





This Black History Month ePacket is for Grades 4–5 and contains ten skill-based worksheets on influencial black Americans.






This Terrific Teeth ePacket is for Preschool and is packed with over 20 activities and printables in a handy lesson plan grid format.











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