Learn to Empathize

I’m going to make a broad and sweeping statement that I wholeheartedly believe to be true but can’t back up with fact: empathy is the most important “skill” children can learn. The current world climate, and particularly the political climate in the US, reinforces this in my mind. But next comes the question, how do…

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kindness song

Be Polite!

September is National Courtesy Month. I’ve noticed, and I’m sure you have too, that people on social media can be less courteous than we normally might be. The knowledge that no one is staring at us when we post a snippy comment or share a nasty meme makes it easy to be impolite. Fortunately, I…

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School Superheros

This week is American Education Week. The weeklong celebration spotlights public education and the village of individuals who work tirelessly to make sure all children receive a quality education. Events are slated for each day of the week. Tomorrow, parents are invited into classrooms to experience what a school day is like for children. On…

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Acts of Kindness

I receive emails in the morning that give me the current news headlines. They’re always depressing. Sometimes, they’re deeply depressing! This has not been a week filled with lots of positive news, which makes me more sure than ever that we need to emphasize kindness, caring, and other positive personality traits throughout students’ education. That’s…

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Teaching Character

Do you know adults who lack perseverance? I do. And sometimes, I can count myself in that number. (For proof, just take a look at the partially finished cross-stitch projects in my closet.) So I decided to tackle this important character trait for a feature in The Mailbox magazine Preschool edition. There’s research that says…

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