Trash Talk

I feel certain there’s a lot of trash talking taking place today given that there are a bazillion football games being played. It’s Black Friday after all. There’s sure to be some pushing and shoving on and off the field too. Shoppers searching for super-duper deals can get a bit aggressive! But I’m talking trash. You know, the kind that goes in the trash can—specifically the school trash can. There is a K-5 school in our local district that has made it the responsibility of each teacher or his or her students to empty their classroom trash cans into a hallway bin at the end of every day. The rationale for this directive is to increase student responsibility. And just in case you’re wondering, custodians are on staff.

Thoughts? Like I said, “We are talking trash!”

Enjoy your Black Friday!


3 thoughts on “Trash Talk

  1. I think it’s a great teachable moment. Assigning students a job to do is a great way to teach responsibility to children. I for one am always trying to find things to do with those snippets of paper, waste not want not!

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