Have You Seen This Poster?

Isn’t this Helpfulness poster adorable? It’s just one poster from a set of twelve kindness posters that is available to download FOR FREE from the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. The foundation has also provided printable monthly calendars like the one you see below. And yes—they are FREE too—and can be found below the middle school kindness posters. 

Here’s the link you need:  https://www.randomactsofkindness.org/printables

Now you may be asked to sign up for an account. There is no cost, just a few questions to answer. If you already have an account and can’t remember your password, it’s super simple to create a new one. (You can probably guess how I know that! :+)

I love that kindness is contagious! Enjoy the freebies.


I just had to include one more poster!

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