3 Character Education Activities!

Recent events in the U.S. have reminded me how important it is that we have character education in our schools—and it needs to begin when children are very young. Empathy, kindness, trustworthiness, honesty, and compassion are more than important traits—they’re necessary for a productive society. Check out these activities on character education!

Help students understand what compassion is              with this song. Lead students in singing the song. Then tell them about a time when you felt sad for someone who was also sad. Encourage students to share their experiences with compassion.



Use these cards to help guide a discussion about trustworthy behaviors. Reinforce that trustworthy people keep their promises. 



Encourage kindness with a classroom spy! Check out the idea here.



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One thought on “3 Character Education Activities!

  1. These are great resources. I especially like the cards and I will be using both the cards and the song with my preschoolers this coming school year. Thanks!

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