Summer-Themed Freebies for Teachers—Plus Books to WIN!

While summer might not be here officially, the summer season is about to begin. Here’s an assortment of freebies that will get you and your students ready! Plus, submit a comment to our blog to WIN a set of children’s books!

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Getting Your Room Ready for the Big Day!

On my August calendar there are lots of events and appointments marked, but one date is circled, highlighted, underlined, and starred: Open House, August 23, 3:00. My daughter will start first grade in a few weeks, and I’m excited to meet her teacher, see her classroom, and find out what the year holds!

No doubt you’re preparing for your new students (and their overly eager parents). Check out these free and fun options for getting your room ready for the big day.

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And the Winner Is…

We give away prizes in Learning® magazine–lots of prizes! There’s nothing more fun than calling a teacher to let her know that she just won something. It’s sort of like being the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus, but with gifts designed especially for teachers. Whether the item is worth $10 or $1,000,…

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