Start Your Year With Freebies and Prizes!

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? It’s never too late! To get you started, read on to find a few I’d suggest.

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Let me know which of the resolutions below you’ll be adding to your list. One lucky reader will win my copy of Just As Good: How Larry Doby Changed America’s Game. This beautiful new book from Candlewick Press shares the story of the first African American to hit a home run in the World Series. The book won’t be on sale until January 24, but I’ll send you my advance copy. Since my own resolution (the one I make year after year!) is to procrastinate less, this title will help you get prepared for Black History Month next month! Submit your comment by midnight ET on Monday, January 16, 2012. Good luck! (Update: congratulations to Rita, who was our winner!)

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Resolution #1: If it’s free, check it out!

Free money for your school? Sounds good! Check out the Great American Can Roundup and turn your empty cans into cash. Plus you’ll be teaching the value of recycling and sustainability to your students. Hurry, you must register by January 16, 2012, to participate. One lucky school will win $5,000, and one school in each state will win $1,000. It could be yours! Click here now to sign up!

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Resolution #2: Show students that they can make a difference.

Teach students the value of a penny—and how a bunch of pennies put together will make a difference for our planet! Pennies for the Planet is a free program from Audubon. Students collect pennies that are then used to care for at-risk animals and habitats. You’ll find free activities, information about the habitats, and much more. Click here now and see how to put those pennies to work!

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Resolution #3: Take care of yourself too!

Are your colleagues talking about the Common Core State Standards? Arm yourself with the information you need to keep current. Check out Reading in Style, newly updated to align with the Common Core State Standards and the winner of a 2012 Teachers’ Choice Award. Plus you can get free sample activities! Request yours now at

Another way to stay on top of things is through a master’s degree. Take the next step and check out the options available from the Fischler School of Education at Nova Southeastern University. You’ll find more than 33 degrees and 80 specializations. Choose from on-campus, distance-learning, and FasTrack courses. Click now to learn more!

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Resolution #4: If you can cut corners, do it!

How many hours have you spent putting together bulletin boards, classroom displays, and learning centers? Check out the Sizzix Eclips Machine from Ellison! You’ll make perfect shapes in customized sizes—exactly what you need, when you need it! Learn more at or click here!

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Resolution #5: Have a little more fun!

This one is especially for preschool teachers and parents. Invite a few new characters into your classroom and combine fun with learning! NCircle Entertainment offers award-winning DVDs featuring Sid the Science Kid, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, Dino Dan, and other learning-packed favorites. Plus the NCircle website,, offers dozens of free follow-up activities to extend learning. Click here now!

Don’t forget to share your newest resolutions and enter our contest today!


15 thoughts on “Start Your Year With Freebies and Prizes!

  1. Each of ideas are something that I can use in my class but also share with my parents. I will also share them with other providers and teachers I know. Susan

  2. Definitely #3…I love (and need!) to stay current and up-to-date on everything education related and am definitely hoping to stay more on top of that this year than I have in the past. I literally crave professional development books but once I have them, they always seem to sit on a shelf for a while! This is the year to change that!! These tips seem like a great place to start! Thanks for the help! 🙂

  3. I can use all the help I can get to cut corners (resolution #4. I teach many students with motor impairments and I spend hours cutting out shapes for them. Sizzix Eclips Machine sounds great!

  4. My New Year Resolution is to be more organized. I like the idea about cutting corners and saving time. I spend way too much time looking for things! If I was more organized I would not spend time looking for things. I will check out Sizzix Eclips Machine. Happy New Year!

  5. The book Reading in Style sounds great. At our school we are presently looking at the common core for each each grade level in our vertical teams.

  6. My resolution is to love more.
    1. my family and friends
    2. my students
    3. my job
    I will be looking at NCircle for sure.
    Thanks and Happy New Year

  7. I would love to cut more corners! LOL, I seem to never find the “easy” way of getting things done…however, I can always learn!

    Thank you!

  8. I am looking forward to bring in new and intersting people into my classroom library for Black History month.. Keep bringing them in….

  9. My New Year’s resolution is to be kinder to other, be more helpful to friends, family, co-workers, and any stranger I meet.

  10. This year, as with every year since 1998 I resolve to remain fresh and current, customizing my curriculum to my students’ individual needs as opposed to trying to customize my students to curriculum. Keeping learning alive for my students requires quite a bit more work every year, but it’s so worth it to experience their enthusiasm!

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