Ending Soon, Contests and Freebies for Teachers—Don’t Miss Out!

Good golly, how could August be ending next week? It’s hard to believe. With that in mind, I want to remind you about a few fabulous offers that are ending soon. Don’t miss out!


Take a minute to tell us which of these freebies and giveaways you’ll take advantage of. One lucky reader will win a set of math-related books, including A-B-A-B-A,  A Book of Pattern Play, from the popular author Brian P. Cleary and Millbrook Press. To enter our random drawing, submit a comment to our blog by midnight EDT on Wednesday, August 31, 2011. Good luck! (Update: congratulations to Cheryl, who won our prize!)


Head back to school with Skippyjon Jones! In the latest book,  Skippyjon Jones: Class Action, our pal Skippito wants to go to school. And when Skippyjon sets his sights on something, well, you know how that goes! Sign up for the Skippy Scoop newsletter and be automatically entered to win a school visit from Skippyjon Jones author Judy Schachner. To enter, email schoolandlibrary@us.penguingroup.com and put “Skippy Scoop” in the subject line. Good luck!


Workman Publishing has brand-new Brain Quest grade-specific classroom sets—and you could be one of 20 lucky teachers to win one! The sets include question decks, workbooks, posters and more for PreK through grade 7. Click here now to enter. Hurry, this contest ends August 31, 2011!


Speaking of giveaways, K-5 Kaplan has a fun giveaway for you: each week this month one teacher will win a set of creative parent invitation CDs, called N’vites, and one lucky teacher will win $500 worth of Perfectly Planned Parent Involvement Workshop materials. Hurry, this offer ends August 31, 2011. Enter now at www.k5kaplan.com/contest or click here now!


Stocking up on dies and shape-cutting materials for the fall? Ellison is offering 34% off with code ELL34LRN. This code is only good until September 15, 2011. Visit www.ellisoneducation.com/lrn2 to see what’s new for fall and to redeem this offer. Click here!


Attention, preschool teachers: NCircle Entertainment has two chances for you to win! First, enter to win educational DVDs featuring The Cat in the Hat, Pocoyo, and other popular characters. Five teachers win every week; click here to enter! Then print and send home the free mini coloring book you’ll receive after entering the first contest. When your students’ parents “Like” NCircle on Facebook, both you and the students’ families win an NCircle DVD library. To visit NCircle’s Facebook page, click here! (Hint: Tell your friends and colleagues on Facebook about this contest. You’ll get two bonus entries every time one enters!)


Here’s a technology that every teacher can use: the Easi-Speak USB recorder from Learning Resources allows you and your students to record up to 4 hours of audio and then download the files to a computer. The Easi-Speak is a great way to document student learning and share progress with parents. Ten lucky teachers will win an Easi-Speak. To enter, click here. Enter today; the contest ends September 15, 2011.


Whew! Don’t forget, submit a comment to our blog for a chance to win a prize pack of math resources. Today could be your lucky day!


25 thoughts on “Ending Soon, Contests and Freebies for Teachers—Don’t Miss Out!

  1. I love mailbox,it gives you so many new ideas to help with the children’s education. They are easy to follow and implement into your classroom. The children enjoy the recipes the most and it is so much fun to see their faces light up when they are done. Jill

  2. Skippyjon Jones is fun! I like to read the stories with an accent – the kids love it! Also, signed up for the Brain Quest giveaway – Thanks!

  3. I love all the contests this month – especially the Time Timer. I’ve never seen it and think it would be a great addition to my classroom. Thank you!

  4. As math specialist for our district, I am always looking for new books that have a mathematical theme to use with our younger students. Thank you for your offer.

  5. Our students need math-related books that connect their often-abstract math curriculum to their lives. Hurray for math resources!

  6. I entered the easi-speak USB recorder contest. As you said that is some technology every teacher can use. I have a large number of English Language learners this year and i thonk it would be great to have recodings to chart their progress as well as observational data. I also entered the Brain quest contest. I would love to get my students thinking more critically.

  7. There once was a teacher-shan’t call her by name!
    Who would do ANYTHING for a “freebie”! What a shame!
    For she WAS the best teacher in all the land
    Until she stood in line for “free” quick sand!
    Unfortunately, that freebie was the end of that dame!

    Sign me up for freebies “QUICK”ly!

  8. Wow thanks for the reminders and I would love to win the pattern book.

    My kids love brain quest. Lots of thinking and language going on when I use their products.

  9. I truly enjoy free stuff for my classroom..especially from mailbox companion. I also love Linda Allgeier poem I had a great laugh!!!

  10. I love reading to my students. I am always looking to add educational books to my collection. Crossing my fingers that I might win something.

  11. I enjoy reading to students. I would love some new books for my classroom selection. I usually need to go to the public library to keep up with the books to go along with our themes.

  12. Even though I did not find a classroom to teach in, I will continue to persue that ambition and keep up eith ideas that will help with my goal.

  13. As I get started with homeschooling, I am looking for easy activities to teach my child at home without busting my bank account since I quit my job to do this!

  14. Awesome giveaways going on right now! Thank you for letting us know about them! I would love to win the math resources!

  15. I really enjoy reading your magazine and using some of the activities. I’m always looking to improve my teaching even though I have been teaching for a long time. Your magazine has fresh ideas and all materials listed for that activity. I also do alot of reading to my students and enjoy subscribing to book clubs. Awesome!! Keep up the Great Work!

  16. Love Skippyjon Jones! He is the coolest cat around! 🙂 The pattern books looks great! Thanks for reminding us to enter! 🙂

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