And the Winner Is…

We give away prizes in Learning® magazine–lots of prizes! There’s nothing more fun than calling a teacher to let her know that she just won something. It’s sort of like being the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus, but with gifts designed especially for teachers. Whether the item is worth $10 or $1,000, every winning teacher I’ve ever talked to is appreciative, excited, and eager to share with students and colleagues.
Yesterday I got to talk with Michelle Strange, a third-grade teacher at Talbott Elementary in Talbott, Tennessee. Michelle won a complete set of our Teachers’ Choice Award-winning children’s books. She’d forgotten she’d even entered the contest, so when she heard the news that she’d won, she was excited. Then she got REALLY excited when she came home a few days later to find a huge box on her front porch. Could those be her books? Yep!

Michelle, her husband, and their two children spent hours reading through the books before she took them to school to share with her students. Michelle’s Title I school doesn’t get boxes full of new books every day, so these are a big deal!

Michelle and her class are still working their way through the pile, but so far the You Choose Books from Capstone Press are a favorite. Readers choose the path that the story will take, so each time they read the story, it is different. This series is especially good for students who don’t always enjoy reading, Michelle says.
The series called The 10 from Scholastic is another favorite. Students learn about everything from the ten grossest bugs to the ten most daring escapes. Michelle’s children love the format!
Michelle said that she didn’t think real teachers won contests like these–until she was a winner herself. So the next time you see our WIN! logo on the Learning website or in the magazine, go ahead and enter that contest. There could be a box full of prizes sitting on your front porch sometime soon!


P.S. There’s an exciting new addition to the Learning website! Ellison is offering free, downloadable activities plus a chance to WIN an All-Star Starter Set. Hurry–the contest ends March 31. Remember what I said about real teachers winning our contests? This could be your chance!

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