Making Your Job Just a Little Easier (Plus We’re Giving One Lucky Teacher a Fun Prize, Too!)

Have you ever started a home-improvement project, only to find you didn’t have the right tools? Teaching is sort of like that; having the right tools makes all the difference! This week’s blog showcases tools to make your job easier.

Submit a comment to our blog to let us know which of these are your favorites. One lucky teacher will win a set of books from Black Rabbit Books. I have several sets, so I’ll pick one that’s just right for your grade level.  Submit your comment by midnight EDT on Sunday, October 16, 2011, to be eligible! (Update: congratulations to Dela, who is this week’s winner!)


Every classroom needs a website. But does the upkeep on your website take too much of your time? Solve that problem with TeacherWeb. Post announcements, homework, calendars, photos, videos, and much more! Sign up for a free trial. Click here! (Hint: the latest batch of contests at includes a chance to win a one-year TeacherWeb subscription. Click here to enter that contest!)


Bullying is a hot topic—and a  serious issue. Mentoring Minds offers a variety of easy-to-use resources, including the Bullying Guide and the Cyberbullying Guide, plus a free PowerPoint presentation called “What Can I Do About Bullying?”. Click here now to see all of the details.


Are you ready for a change? Indiana Wesleyan University offers online and on-site master’s degree programs that you can complete in 12 to 23 months. Get started now; learn more at Click here!


Have a little more fun with your classroom materials! D. J. Inkers offers fun art, teacher-friendly fonts, and more. Don’t forget to check out the free downloads and sign up for the weekly newsletter too! Click here!


Have you heard of the Sizzix eclips e-cutter? You can create and die-cut completely customizable shapes! The eclips cuts paper, fabric, and more. There’s a quick video showing how the product works, plus free project ideas as well; click here now!


Don’t forget, submit your comment now for a chance at this week’s prize. I’d love to send it your way!


15 thoughts on “Making Your Job Just a Little Easier (Plus We’re Giving One Lucky Teacher a Fun Prize, Too!)

  1. I really like the looks of that Sissix e-cutter. We have the big die-cut machine but the die-cuts are so expensive. This thing really sounds a lot better and easier.

  2. D.J. Inkers actually had me giggling! It gave me so many fun ideas during a time when we’re not supposed to be having much fun in school!

  3. The Sizzix eclips e-cutter would be my favorite:) How fun! I can think of a million things I would make with this. I would make a ton of new interactive games for my classroom. I would make new fun labels for things too.

  4. Karen, your blog is very informative. I enjoy everything you post. It gives us another reason to thank our blessings for our supporters, such as yourself. Thanks for your hard work.

  5. I just looked at the DJ Inkers website – very good digital art work for digital projects! But, where do we get the technology in order to do all the digital projects?

  6. I love the e-cutter. Due to budget cuts we lost our access to the die cut machines and this looks like a doable solution. Thanks Karen.

    I love D J inkers.

  7. Without acknowledgement and feedback from others, many students may not feel fully appreciated and validated. TeacherWeb allows that publication, accessible to the people to are important to the student.

  8. I just visited the Mentoring Minds site and am very interested and excited in the program’s potential to reach students in my classroom. My school currently has a Community Homeroom each day after lunch in which we discuss bullying and issues related to communication and emotions. At this time we do not have a curriculum and have to “invent” lessons every week. I would love to be able to have a resource like this to enhance my Community Homeroom. Thank you for offering so many different resource ideas!

  9. I would SO love to have the Sizzix eclips e-cutter!! That looks just way cool! And just think of all the craft projects that could be done in the classroom!! =) I could quickly make trace & cut templates for each group table or a set for stations.

    I just placed that on my Christmas wish list!! 😉

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