Fabulous and Frightening Writing Ideas!

It’s October—my favorite month! Why? Because it’s cool, colorful, and a little bit creepy. I’ve already started preparing for this lovely month by decorating my house for Halloween and watching my favorite horror movies. (Each year, my husband and I create a list of movies that must be watched by October 31.)  

While looking through activities available in our online library, I came upon some perfectly creepy patterns that would lend themselves to October writing activities. Your students are sure to think these are a scream!


Give each student a copy of this haunted house page and have them notice the eyes peeking out of the window. Encourage them to write a short story about the house and its two visitors.Then have her color the page and staple it to her story.



This leggy page is perfect for informational writing! Have students write a paragraph that includes three facts and three opinions about spiders.

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