Leafy Learning!


Fall colors on the Klondike Highway.

I just returned from a vacation to Alaska, which was gorgeous and amazing! Before we left home, I wondered if we would see a lot of fall color. We definitely did, but to my surprise it was almost all a brilliant yellow. I looked up information on the yellow trees and they’re mostly birch, quaking aspen, and alder. What lovely accents to an already stunning landscape! Leafy learning certainly is fun in the fall. 

Here are two leafy learning activities for your classroom! Both activities use these simple leaf margin patterns. 

1. Have students decorate a set of patterns and then staple them together to make a booklet. Encourage them to notice the differences between the three different margins. Next, take students outside and have each child search to find an example of each leaf margin. Have her glue each leaf to the corresponding page of her booklet.

2. Attach each pattern to a separate piece of bulletin board or newsprint paper and place the papers on a table. Then have students collect fallen leaves in a lunch-size bag. (This can be an activity done at school or at home.) Finally, have them glue the leaves to the corresponding papers based on their margins.

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