Unique Crafts?

I recently shared a post on The Mailbox® Facebook page from a teacher who did a jack-o’-lantern craft with her students. The results ended up being unique and hilarious! If you give students instructions that are open-ended, the crafts are often distinctive —and that’s great! No one wants a cookie-cutter craft anyway. 

I looked in our online library of activities and found this perfect October craft that’s open ended. I suspect the results will be delightful, and your students will enjoy flexing their creative muscles. 

Make-Your-Own Monster

To prepare, provide a different color of tempera paint on each of three paper plates and place a cork next to each plate. To make a monster, make cork prints at random on a 12″ x 18″ sheet of white paper. Allow the paint to dry. Then trim the paper into a monster shape. Use craft foam pieces, hole reinforcements, construction paper scraps, and pom-poms to add desired details.

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