What You May Have Missed

I’m on vacation for a few days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fill of Todd’s blogs.

Just Who Do You Think You Are? – Tell us about your teaching style. Are you student centered or teacher centered? There’s no wrong answer.

Rate Your Tech Savvy – Every teacher has to face new technologies in the classroom. From film strip projectors to interactive whiteboards, it’s a fact of teaching life. How well do you think you do?

Sailing the Internet Ocean – Speaking of technology in the classroom, much of it depends on a Wi-Fi connection and a solid connection to the World Wide Web. Does your school have good Internet service?

An Oscar to Your Students? – As a student, I loved dramatic play in the classroom. As a teacher, I tried to get as much of it as possible into my lesson plans, but probably didn’t succeed like I wished. How about you?

Happy Birthday, John Hancock – The great handwriting debate continues. Add your two cents’ worth.


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