Just Who Do You Think You Are?

How full does your lesson plan book need to be? Lesson plan books vary as widely as the teachers using them. I remember some teachers who crafted plan books detailed with the precision and flourish of a Rembrandt crossed with a Seurat, complete with stickers, inserts, overlays, and of course, about eight different colors of ink, not including highlighter. Other teachers, like myself, created general outlines with goals and objectives and predetermined projects, and lots and lots of blank space. These differences mark not just the teachers and their plan books, but denote the wide variety of learning children can be exposed to over the years. And variety is the spice of life, as they say.

I will not advocate for one teaching style over another because I think students benefit from a range of teaching styles. For example, some teachers prefer to stick to their meticulously outlined script. Some teachers prefer a more freestyle learning atmosphere. If I told you where I landed on this scale, I’d likely never find employment in any field anywhere ever again.

There are currently four (accepted) general styles of teaching. Two are instructor-centered: formal authority and demonstrator. While two are student-centered: facilitator and delegator. You probably remember these from your college instruction. Which of these four styles best describes you today? And if you could change (if you wanted to), which would you prefer to practice?


4 thoughts on “Just Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. Its so hard to go from instructor centered to student centered, I’ve always wished that I could see some master teachers do that.

    I’m definitely in the demonstrator field.

    • Jeremiah, there’s no right or wrong, of course. And demonstrator is very strong and influential on the instructor-centered end of the spectrum. Besides, don’t wait for a master teacher to show you the way. Just give it a go for yourself. I’ll bet your students would be thrilled to try something different for a day or a week.

  2. I am more like you — more general — and I love making changes because that means I came up with a newer idea — now if I could just always remember to make those changes to the plans and bring all the little bits and pieces of paper notes, etc. all together I may have a nice detailed plan that someone else could follow!!!!! One of these days!!!

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