Sailing the Internet Ocean

Shortly before I set about writing today’s blog post, I came across several articles on the Internet about technology in the classroom, a favorite topic of mine. There was a particular angle to all of these articles (which came from three very different sources), and that was high-speed Internet access in our schools. We may have technology in the classroom, but is this technology accessing the vast oceans of the Internet via clogged plumbing?

Thirty years ago, Apple introduced the Macintosh, one of the first computers (besides the Apple IIe) to see widespread use in America’s classrooms. Today, a majority of classrooms have at least one computer, if not several, and many more also feature wireless devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Slowly, school districts are providing students with their own notebook computers or tablets. Yet just as books need bookshelves and readers need light, tech devices need infrastructure too.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget, no one’s letting you sail onto the vast oceans of the Internet for free.

If you have web-enabled technology in your classroom, is surfing the Internet a speedy joy or more akin to running in cold molasses? Let us know and share your “high-speed” Internet experiences with fellow readers.


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