Treat Yourself!

Sometimes, it doesn’t feel like there’s enough time in a day, a week, or even a month to do something special just for yourself. One of my struggles is taking the time to do something nice for myself. As I increase in age (thank goodness for that!), I’m learning to give myself a break. I mean, is the sky really going to fall if I don’t clean the bathroom today? Or will my neighbors raise their arms up in protest if I let my grass grow for one more day? Highly unlikely on both counts! I’ve discovered that a 15- or 30-minute indulgence can do me wonders!

Well, enough about me. Here’s what I’d like to know about you: If you could have a $10 gift card to spend on yourself, what type of gift card would you choose? Would you head to blog-cheer-hippoStarbucks, Bath & Body Works,, Ben & Jerry’s, or somewhere else? You tell me! And yes, this is today’s Question of the Day! Leave your answer right here on the blog—and who knows? Your wish could come true!

You are appreciated!


PS: The comment you leave today will automatically enter you in our “Thank You, Teachers!” drawing, which will take place Monday morning. Five winners will be announced! So if this isn’t your fourth entry this week, check out Monday’s blog, Tuesday’s blog, and Wednesday’s blog and leave your comments. Then stop by tomorrow for your final chance to enter! 🙂

32 thoughts on “Treat Yourself!

  1. “window shopping” is so much fun! Sometimes, after a whole day of being with people, you just need to chill.

  2. I would use an Amazon gift card to buy myself a book to read!!! Then I would have something else to look forward to! =)

  3. There’s no better way to indulge myself than a soak in the whirlpool with some Bath & Body supplies to escape the daily stresses.

  4. An Amazon card would be awesome because then when they send out those emails about Amazon deals it would feel so good to get something as a treat!

  5. I would have to pick a gift card from amazon to put towards the purchase of a new pair of comfy shoes!! A girl can never have enough comfy shoes!!

  6. I would like the Bath and Body works, we as teachers always need to have some lotion to soften our hands. The better smelling, the better it makes me feel.

  7. I would definitely head to Starbucks! I love to sit there and enjoy the smells and the calm, quiet atmosphere.

  8. Starbucks (or some other coffee shop). I love their coffee but only go there when I have a gift card.

  9. I would love a Charming Charlie’s card as it would force me not to spend my gift on stuff for school/class. 🙂

  10. It would definitely be an gift card! I would love to buy a couple books to start my summer reading collection!

  11. A gift card to spend on myself…hmm…I would probably choose Culver’s so I could take my family out for supper and frozen custard! 🙂 If I pick a store it is too easy to spend it on my classroom! 🙂

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