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Blog-StudentsMy smallest class of students was an afternoon young-fives class my first year of teaching. There were only five children in the class. What a perfect number of students! We could do so many fun and interesting explorations. In direct contrast, the last year I taught, I had a full-day kindergarten class with 29 children in it. To be sure, that’s a good number of five- and six-year-olds packed into a classroom. They were a quirky group of little ones, and I had a ball teaching them. But I do wish I could have given them more individual attention.

And that leads me to Wednesday’s Question of the Day:

What grade do you teach, and how many children are in your classroom?

I’m eager to hear everyone’s answers! If you comment on today’s blog, you will automatically be entered into our “Thank You, Teachers!” drawing. There will be five prize winners! (The winners will be announced next Monday.) You can enter every day this week by posting a comment on the daily blog.

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50 thoughts on “Your Daily Question!

  1. I am teaching kindergarten this year half day, and there have been 15 and now 13 in my class as some moved to the full day classroom. It has been a great year with such a small class!

  2. I teach groups of no more than 6 students. I usually have four groups during the day. These are students that need a little extra help in reading.

  3. I have a group of 23 third graders, We are down one from the beginning of the year, but when we started we had 12 boys and 12 girls. That never happens!

  4. I teach math to high school-aged Deaf students and currently have no more than 3 in each class period.

  5. I have a group of 25 third graders. I like even numbers for grouping/pairing so I’d “almost” rather have 26. Almost.

  6. I teach special education students. I have 4 students-3 in grade 6 and one in Kindergarten. It’s a big age range but actually works well!

  7. I teach for a coop preschool. I have 22 4 year olds 3 days a week, 20 3 year olds 2 1/2 days per week and then a 2 year class with 5 children. Love every one of them and the differences in their development.

  8. I teach preschool we have 2 classes . We have 16 children in our morning and 14 in the afternoon class.

  9. I teach 4th grade with 23 students. I had 22 students up until April. Great bunch of children with creative ideas.

  10. This year is my smallest class of 6 preschoolers. I have had as many as 12 in the morning class and 12 in the afternoon class.

  11. Im am an Assistant Teacher in the Toddler of children who are 2-2 1/2 yrs old. We have 14 children in the class but only 12 are at school each day.

  12. I teach Pre-K children. I have a total of 15 students. I have 13 three days a week and 12 two days a week. I love my school family!

  13. I have 18 prek children with 2 teachers. It is a great number just wish the room was bigger for the things I would like to do

  14. I teach 2nd grade and this year have 11 students. My smallest 2nd grade class has been 4 (the beginning of last year) and my largest class (at my current school) has been 13 (the beginning of this year).

  15. As a Curriculum Facilitator in my building, I have the wonderful privilege of supporting 28 teachers who are phenomenal!

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