The Correct Answer According to You

Smaller class sizes. I can’t argue with that one.

In answer to the question Which of the following ideas do you think would do the most to improve the quality of public education in America (or the nation in which you live)?, most of you chose smaller class sizes. Of course, your choices were somewhat limited, but I would have to say that I agree this is the best option I made available to you.

Smaller class sizes would have immediate results. It gives the teacher more time to focus on fewer students, thereby providing each student more one-on-one or small-group time with the teacher. And nothing, to my mind, speeds the delivery of learning and the result of understanding better than a direct connection between teacher and student.

How many students do you have in your class? Tell us how successful you feel you are in making direct teacher-to-student connections.

2 thoughts on “The Correct Answer According to You

  1. My school limits my kindergarten class to 18 students. I have had classes of 18 as well as smaller classes. My best # of students is 16 – 18 as I can group them for class management purposes and sub-group them for reading. Very small classes are actually more difficult to manage.
    Rather than requesting smaller class sizes, let’s give our administrators, politicians, and citizenry a specific number of desired students for each grade level and tell them this is the ratio of students to teacher that is best for each student’s progress.

  2. I serve small groups Kindergarten to fifth grade. All together I teach 58 students each day in my role as a reading teacher. There are two fifth grade classes each with 22 students plus smaller groups throughout the day. It’s a mighty challenge, but we work to accomplish gains for our students.

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