Pop Quiz #1210

As you might guess, I am not employed solely to write a blog. That means that I don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to follow each development, large and small, in the great big world of education. Still, I try to keep my eye on things, write about what I know, and gauge the feelings and morale of The Mailbox teachers everywhere.

Today, I have a quick exercise I hope you’ll respond to. It’s a single-question quiz about education reform. All you need to do is respond in the comments with a single number.

Which of the following ideas do you think would do the most to improve the quality of public education in America (or the nation in which you live)?

  1. more money for arts education
  2. more personal technology in the classroom (e.g. tablets)
  3. universal public preschool
  4. increased focus on STEM classes
  5. a return to pre-CCSS curriculums
  6. longer school days
  7. longer school year
  8. adopt the Finnish model (employ top 10% of teachers, small class sizes, etc.)
  9. adopt the Singapore model (top teachers, more vocational training, very technocratic)
  10. revamp teacher education schools and teacher training
  11. pay teachers more
  12. allow for more charter schools
  13. smaller class sizes
  14. allow no more than one standardized test per year
  15. all of the above
  16. something else entirely

Write your top pick in the comments below.

23 thoughts on “Pop Quiz #1210

    • If you are a teacher and you picked more than one, you need to learn to follow directions…LOL
      SMALLER CLASS SIZES (#13) The power of small group work with more individualized instruction is a big part of overall student success. Most of us (teachers) have masters degrees but it’s hard to be effective when you struggle to differentiate instruction effectively because of the size of your class. When I do small group work I have 4 groups of 7 students. The state defines small group instruction as being between 3-5 students. That sounds great!

  1. It’s difficult to choose just one and I don’t think that “all of the above” is quite right either. I think a good start would be #3. Children aren’t getting the start at home that we did due to a lot of various factors. Providing younger children with educational & social experiences would be a plus!

  2. It doesn’t say anything about parent involvement or student accountability. Maybe not changing “trends” in education every year so teachers can do what they know how to do instead of having to go to professional development to learn about the next greatest thing would be a good idea.

  3. How about we come up with a plan and stick with it long enough to see if it will work? Are we the only country that changes our education system every time we get a new president? The Finnish model will never work here. Finland is extremely homogeneous and has very little poverty. I don’t care what bureaucrats say, poverty is difficult to overcome in the education setting. We need to hire smart teachers who have a love of learning and can pass that love onto children. We need parents who tell their children to go to school to learn, not to have fun. Yes, we have fun in my class, but that should not be our primary focus. School is here to prepare us all for a better future, Not teach us all how to play and be entertained all day. Too many kids graduate from high school NOT ready for the workforce because they are used to being entertained all day.

    I love my job and my students and I do everything I can to make my lessons engaging and interesting. However, that is not real life. Work is not like that. Sometimes, you just have to buckle down and do it because your “boss” told you to.

    Having said all that, getting rid of standardized testing in elementary grades, reducing class sizes, and holding parents and students accountable are the best options I can think of for improving our education system.

  4. Nothing on your list. Look at the real problem It is the training and destroying the crativity, free will and cognitive thinking of our children. It is outcome based education.

  5. Number 3 is my choice. Universal preschool for all children. There are so many children in my community that are unable to attend preschool because of limited space, cost of program, quality of program. If all the children had the option to attend a year long program, our little ones would be prepared for school.

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