National Roller Coaster Day

I would be a huge fan of roller coasters if it weren’t for the height. In fact, I’ve been on indoor coasters that don’t have the height factor and I think they’re super fun. But you can just forget about getting me on a ride that begins with a slow creep up a near vertical incline. 

You can go on that…I’ll be over here at the funnel cake stand. 

All of this leads me to have mixed feelings about National Roller Coaster Day, which falls on August 16. What I don’t have mixed feelings about is this roller coaster activity! I honestly had no idea we had roller coaster patterns in our online library. With over 40,000 activities and printables, you can find almost anything on there! 

Print copies of the roller coaster car patterns and label each one with a different high frequency word. Then cut out the cars and place them at a center along with poster board (or bulletin board paper) programmed with a simple roller coaster track as shown. Provide paper and pencils. A child lines up the cars on the incline. He moves the first car over the incline and down off of the poster board while reading the word aloud. Then he writes the word on his paper. For an extra challenge, he writes a sentence containing the word. He continues in the same way with each remaining car.

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