Broken Brains and Books

I have always been an enthusiastic reader of fiction, in particular fantasy and sci-fi, but I have to admit that social media has changed my reading habits. I find that books don’t grab my attention like they did in the past, and I suspect it’s because my brain is used to the fast pace of scrolling through my phone. The instant gratification can’t compete with the slow build of a plotline. I hate this, because I truly miss getting completely absorbed in a story. If technology has broken my brain enough that I have a difficult time focusing, what is it doing to our students? 

Tomorrow, September 6, is National Read a Book Day! Be sure to read aloud to your students. We all know that we create life-long readers by reinforcing that reading is enjoyable. Me? I’m going to read and attempt to stay off my phone. 



Print this story response spinner to get students talking after a read aloud. 



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