You’re Our Hero!

It's a's a's Lori, our Humane Resources manager!

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Lori, our Human Resource manager!

I can’t say it enough—thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your love of children and passion for learning!

Today is day three of our Teachers are Superheroes celebration here at The Mailbox Blog. Today’s prize is something all superheroes need: a superhero snack pack! The contents are secret; however, I can reveal there’s sweet, there’s salty, and of course there’s chocolate!

To enter for a chance to have this superhero snack pack delivered to your door, simply answer the question below. Just be sure to do this before the end of the day Thursday, May 7. Prize winners from our celebration will be announced (and emailed) Friday, May 8.

Who is your super hero?



P.S. It’s not too late to enter to win a $10 Starbucks gift card and writing tools fit for a superhero.


94 thoughts on “You’re Our Hero!

  1. My Mama is one of my superheros! It has been cool to watch how her super powers have increased as she’s aged….

    • Darlene, we are so very sorry to hear of the loss of your husband. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. My superhero is my husband. He has always been there for me and has supported me in all I do! In addition he is an excellent Daddy to our son.

  3. my grandson – he has asthma, eoe, anaphylactic food allergies. yet, those don’t define him. he’s funny, and incredibly polite.

  4. My friend Nanette. She is the most generous, gracious, and grateful person I know and always makes you feel like she’s been waiting and waiting to just have a few minutes of your time.

  5. My mom is my superhero. She is always encouraging me to pursue my dreams big or small. She pushes through even on the darkest of days and doesn’t back down easily from a challenge.

  6. My Superhero is my Dad! He took my Mom’s 5 children (having his own 6)and loved us like his own…we asked him to adopt us on Fathers Day and he adopted me at the age of 21! Love him xoxo

  7. I teach children with autism. They are my superheroes! They are such an inspiration seeing life through their eyes.

  8. My hero is my big sister. She’s the sweetest and toughest person I know, and she has always given to others selflessly and quietly.

  9. My daughter is my superhero! She has achieved so much in her 14 years on this earth, and continually strives to do more and better things! I am a proud Momma!!

  10. My superhero is my mom. She has raised me by herself since I was two because my dad was killed. She was my encouragement to keep going and not give up,when it took me forever to pass my teachers license tests.

  11. My son he has chronic everyday childhood migraines and everyday he gets up and goes to school with a head ach and everyday he spends hours learning to read. He never gives up he might throw a fit because his head hurts but then he gets back to work. I want his persistent attitude

  12. My daughter and her husband are my super heroes. DeEtte wanted to be a music teacher and played the piano with a passion. MS at 18 slowly dimmed her dream. At 36 she is married to her sweetheart, Kevin, who has hemophilia; both are wheel-chair dependent, work full-time and enjoy life to the fullest. Devotion and determination are their capes, and love is their super power.

  13. All of the children who are fighting cancer. They’re able to take on the battle with courage and hope.

  14. The kids that I teach are my super heroes. They teach me something new each day, keep me on my feet and forever young. On days I’m nit in the best mood, their smiles and laughter instantly cheer me up. Thanks to those little super heroes I have learned to multi task and love it. Never a dull moment.

  15. My 20 year old daughter is my super-hero. She is determined, smart, beautiful,
    compassionate, and I know she will make this world a better place.

  16. My family are my “Avengers”. They are always helping me out in tough situations and seem to appear when they are needed most.

  17. My mother! She is fighting so hard right now battling cancer! She’s had the surgeries, and is now on round two of chemo … Next up is radiation. And through it all she has never given up hope nor has she complained about what life has handed to her. She is my hero and my inspiration. ☺

  18. One of our preschool students is my superhero. He survived ependymoma & moyamoya and still always has a smile on his face.

  19. My mom is my superhero! She’s overcome so much in her lifetime and serves as a role model and inspiration for me.

  20. My mom had 4 boys all under the age of 5 years old, moved halfway across the county when she was pregnant with the 4th one, and survived. She’s amazing!

  21. Single moms and dads! Sometimes it’s hard for me to do it WITH my husband. Couldn’t imagine doing it all on my own!

  22. My wife, she teaches 6th grade language arts and social studies. I have no idea how she keeps her sanity with that age group

  23. Team Hoyt are superheroes in my book! The dad, Dick Hoyt, pushes his son, Rick, in a specialized bike during the Kona Ironman!!! He also swims 2.5 miles in the ocean, pulling a raft with Rick inside, and then runs a full marathon while pushing his adult son in a specialty chair. What an inspiration!

  24. My superheroes are my parents. They have always given us their all and will always be here for us. I love them with all my heart and look up to them more than anyone else.

  25. My mom is my superhero because she helped me so much with planning my wedding while she was dealing with a growing tumor on her brain (she had surgery on it a few weeks after my wedding.)

  26. My mother-in-law is my super hero. She raised 7 of her own kids, and is now raising her grandson. And that doesn’t even begin to say how kind, caring, intelligent, brave and bold she is.

  27. My hero is my Pastor, who no matter what is going on in his own life, is there at every moment where I have needed support or just needed someone to listen!

  28. My Dad. He has raised seven children and has worked all his life. He is now taking care of my mother whom has Alzheimer.

  29. My team teachers–“The Outback Gang”–are my superheroes. We’ve been through move after move (and we’re gearing up for a final one in a couple of weeks!) together, two campuses, four principals, and hundreds & hundreds of kids…and they’re the ones who keep me going day after day, year after year. We’re all six totally different from each other, but we’re a true found family.

  30. My parents are my hero. They always believed in me and help me through anything. They are the strongest people I know, because when things are hard they overcome many things.

  31. My mother has always been my hero. She has always helped me strive to be better than I was yesterday. Without her in my life, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

  32. My super heroes are all of the teachers who come to work every day and try everything to help children learn and grow.

  33. My twin grandsons who were born 3 months premature spent 80 days in the NICU and are healthy 4 year olds.

  34. I realized this year , after 43 years of teaching, that my superhero is my brother! He had a difficult time in school but because of his wonderful, dedicated teachers he was successful! I know now that he is the reason that I wanted to become a teacher !

  35. My mom will always be my superhero…afterall, she raised ME and can live to tell about it! If thats not superhero status, I don’t know what is!

  36. My daughter Kaylyn who seems to pull strength from the powers beyond to face the many challenges of being a single parent!

  37. My mother and father are my superheroes because they have always been there for me and supported me on my decision to become a teacher.

  38. My principal. She welcomes ALL children to learn and goes out of her way to accommodate children with special needs.

  39. One of my college professors, Mrs. Kolwinska. She taught early childhood for years and years and then taught college and just recently retired. Her classes were always my favorite and almost every day in the classroom I think of her and the songs/fingerplays she would do with the children.

  40. My parents. My mom and dad are wonderful. They taught me to be kind and honest. They also taught me good work ethic. They are always there for me. I love them dearly and hope to be able to erase their pains someday

  41. My mom, she raised us as strong women and men. She was a single mother who raised us with such ease.

  42. My mom has encouraged me to reach further and try harder than I thought possible. She is my most reliable reference source for innovative ideas and creative projects on a dime.

  43. My mom. She passed away when I was four years old. I kmow she is watching over me and proud of the person and teacher I have become.

  44. My Mother. She has always been my hero, but having just had my first baby, I have a new found appreciation for all that she has done & still does for her family everyday.

  45. My mom and dad are my superheroes! I know it said just one, but they stuck by each other through thick and thin! My parents have always given us everything we need and more including LOTS and LOTS of love and support!

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