Gadzooks! It’s Multiple Giveaways!

Yes, today is the first Friday of the month, our traditional giveaway day here at The Mailbox Blog. And yes, we are having a giveaway. The good news is that today’s giveaway is the first of five giveaways. Yeppers, you read that right. In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 4–8, 2015), we are recognizing and honoring the superhero status of our nation’s teachers with giveaways today, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Be sure to check back each day for a new giveaway and prize! All winners will be announced on Friday, May 8.

To enter today’s giveaway, leave a comment telling us which end-of-the-year task you would most like to vaporize—in other words have it permanently deleted from your to-do list. That’s it! Just be sure to do this before midnight EDT, Thursday, May 8. What will you win? Well, I can’t promise you a visit from Iron Man, Thor, or Captain America; but I can promise you a chance to win a pack of colorful writing tools fit for a superhero!

Good luck, and thanks for all you do!


108 thoughts on “Gadzooks! It’s Multiple Giveaways!

  1. Our classrooms are being repainted this year. So if I could have 1 item magically happen it would be the packing all my items up to bring home for the summer.

  2. Filing and refiling and really any kind of paperwork. I’m a special ed teacher, and it seems like the paperwork quadruples every year, if not every 6 months.

  3. The end of the year task I hate, you ask? I despise filing away and reporting on all of the assessments for all of the students, usually to find that the grade level coordinator or supervisor want them organized a different way. UGH.

  4. The take-everything-off-the-wall-in-case-they-paint routine. Oh, how I hate trying to get Gorilla Tape off the wall but that is the only thing that will hold it there in our ever-changing humidity.

  5. Cleaning and packing! It’s all going to have to be cleaned AGAIN at the beginning of the year. I will undoubtedly lose something vital when things are moved out and back in (our floors get done over the summer). The 10 most commonly used and needed items will be located in “a place where I will be able to find them easily” (which never is). And the heaviest piece of furniture will undoubtedly be placed back in my room UPSIDE DOWN. Plus, the floors get all scratched back up anyways when I have to move said heavy furniture back to the correct side of the room. How DO they manage to leave everything at the opposite side of the room from where they found it??

  6. Honestly, it’s saying goodbye to the students that is the hardest task. I can handle cleaning my room and grading final papers,.

  7. I make individual summer review packs for all of my students and it is very time consuming because I imbed special notes to each child. I try to make them fun and helpful to maintain specific skills. Children with special needs often have a difficult time retaining skills over the summer. Only a few do them with their families, but I still provide the packets with the hope some kids will benefit from them.

  8. Walking around campus to different people to initial a “check off sheet” stating that we have all of our “stuff” turned in.

  9. Organizing my class to change rooms! It’s wonderful to have 600+ books, until you have to pack them and then unpack…

  10. Next year I’ll be working in a new building/new position…I need to pack my things, determine where to put them in my house, bring other things to my new school. In addition, I need to prepare items in my current position so the person who will be doing it next year is prepared.

  11. What I wish would disappear is the waiting for state teat results! We have worked so hard all year long and every single student has grown in so many ways! I wish the test would just disappear because it is so sad when a student doesn’t do well. I want my students to know that they are much more than a test score!

  12. I would love to NOT have to level all the kids in my class to see where they are reading.
    It takes hours to do this!

  13. I’d like my stack of 3rd trimester assessments to disappear! My poor kiddos are tested OUT already.

  14. I wish all end-of-year testing would go away. It is horrible to be taken out of my classroom to test other students and then come back to my kiddos and attempt to get them back focused after being gone half a day. We just finished the third week this year of this testing!

  15. I always have trouble saying goodbye to my students. Some of my students go back to their home schools, my class is a collaborative classroom and my special needs come from other schools. I think the next think that is hard is packing up, my lease favorite thing to do.

  16. Putting everything away so the room can be cleaned, even though it won’t really, and doing all the minor details on our end of the year checklist are my least favorite.

  17. RTIs and IATs! There is so much more to do than sit in front of a computer all day typing up those crazy things. They are important, but *POOF* be gone!

  18. Being displaced every school year and taking all of my personal belongings back home, extremely sad!:'(

  19. End of the year assessments and all the accompanying paperwork. I don’t mind the cleaning and packing. I find it cathartic. Now getting it all ready again in August… not so much!

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