Wishes Can Come True: Organize Your Students, Meet Authors, and More! Plus Win a DonorsChoose Gift Card!

What would you get if you had funds donated for your classroom? New books for your class library? Musical instruments? Would you take your students on an educational field trip? You may be able to make your classroom wishes come true with DonorsChoose.org. Supporters of this online charity have brought teachers’ ideas to life in more than half of all US public schools! It’s easy to do: post a classroom project request at DonorsChoose.org. Donors then give to the projects that most inspire them. Click here to see how one Harlem teacher has changed lives with DonorsChoose; then find tips on getting a project funded. We can get you started! Submit a comment to the blog by 11:59 pm EST Sunday, November 9, 2014, to tell me which of the items below are your favorites. Four lucky teachers will each win a $25 gift card from DonorsChoose! (Update: Congratulations to Kristin, Lacey, Melissa, and Kristin K., who are the winners of the gift cards!)


I don’t need to tell you that helping students learn how to manage their time and stay organized can be challenge. Let Greg Heffley from The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series help! The Diary of a Wimpy Kid School Planner lets kids keep track of tests, appointments, and activities—both during and after school—365 days a year! It’s filled with drawings on every page; students’ favorite Wimpy Kid characters; and columns, graphs, and charts specially designed to help kids track notes, lists, and information needed to survive the school year. Click here to check it out!


Climb into a tree house for a great teacher prize—the Magic Tree House, that is! Tell how you use the Magic Tree House to help you meet objectives across the curriculum and address the Common Core. If you’re named the Magic Tree House Educator of the Year, you’ll receive a trip to New York City to have lunch with authors Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce, two autographed sets of the entire Magic Tree House series (one for your classroom and one for your school library), $500 worth of your choice of books from Random House, a $500 gift card for classroom supplies, and a Skype school visit with the authors. Three runners-up will each receive an autographed set of the series and a $250 gift card. Click here!


Looking for a great keepsake for the December holidays? Publish your students’ work in a hardbound book! It’s easy—and free—with Studentreasures! Order a free publishing kit (you can get a paper or an online version), choose a publishing date, and let students get creative. You’ll even have access to new Common Core tools to get the writing started and will get a hardbound classbook for free! Plus, if you publish from December 2014 through February 2015, you’ll automatically be entered in a $100-a-day grant giveaway! The turnaround time from the publishing date to delivery is about 15 days, so don’t wait! Click here to get started!

Remember, submit a comment for your chance to win a $25 DonorsChoose gift card!



64 thoughts on “Wishes Can Come True: Organize Your Students, Meet Authors, and More! Plus Win a DonorsChoose Gift Card!

  1. The donor site looks very promising as teachers our schools have so many needs. Thank you for what promises to be a great resource.

  2. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid planner looks fun (but too hard for Kindergarten)! I am definitely going to check into the Donors Choose website!!

  3. I have used Student Treasures to publish books in my classroom in previous years. My kids LOVED the opportunity of feeling like a REAL published author! If you haven’t checked out this resource, please consider this wonderful opportunity for your budding writers!

  4. This planner looks awesome and my kiddos would love it! They were so excited when The Long Haul came out this past Tuesday and I had ordered some for our class library. Two students have already finished reading it! These planners are now next on my list! 🙂

  5. I love all of the above resources, but the published books from Student Treasures are great. My students are hard on themselves when it comes to writing, and I definitely think this would help them take ownership of their writing and then be glad to show it off! I used this company in college for a methods class and even loved it as an adult.

  6. Of the listed resources, I would say Student Treasures. I collaborate with my teachers in a special education school and we often have the students write poems/stories based on their skills. This is a great resource to produce a published book for the student’s self-esteem and to share with families!

  7. My advanced first graders love reading Magic Tree House books independently. I also read some of them aloud to my class.

  8. I love the idea of publishing my student’s work! My daughter had a book published from her kindergarten class and she still reads and looks at it today!

  9. My 4th graders love The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, so the planner would be a fantastic resource to get some of my students motivated to get organized!

  10. I’m a school counselor, and I’m excited to see the wimpy kid planner. My students love the wimpy kids books. I will be checking out the planner to use in small groups and classroom lessons about organization.

  11. My kids and I are on book #5 of Magic Tree House! They love them so much some of them are asking Santa for a few books this Christmas. Maybe Santa will grant some wishes. –

  12. We love to read about Jack and Annie in the Magic Tree House series! I would like to learn more about the Student Treasure books, too.

  13. I think the StudentTreasures book publishing is my favorite for my age group. They are all wonderful. I love the name as all of my student’s writing is a treasure. Thanks for this chance.

  14. Would love to win the Donors Choose gift card to help me fund my project
    This project will help get my ELL students communicating!

  15. My favorite resource is The Diary of a Wimpy Kid organizer. I researched organizers at the beginning of the school year but all were very expensive. My kiddos go to a high poverty school and thus most don’t come in with any supplies. This organizer looks fun, intriguing and does the job to keep all their info, test dates and schedules in one place!

  16. I love the planner! Students need to learn organization before middle school or junior high. Plus, it helps as adults.

    I also like the published books. I did it a few years ago and may do them again this year.

  17. I love all of the resources! It’s amazing how you can tweak it to reach every child! I would love to win the DC gift card too !!! Good luck everyone!!!

  18. I like the Student Treasures publishing resource you shared! I know my kindergarten students would love to see their creations printed in a “real” book.

  19. i love using planners in my classroom – I’m excited about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid materials. I am totally checking them out, thank you.

  20. My students love the Magic Tree House. We even have a tree house in our classroom. Students sit in the house and read their books.

  21. I love the magic tree house books, but I am very interested in the publishing kit….off to research more about it right now! 🙂

  22. I think all of the items above look wonderful. I know many of my students would love to have the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Planner. I think the book publishing kit is a great idea and I plan to use it with my students to publish some of their wonderful writing this year. Thanks for making me aware of these great resources!

  23. Donorschoose has helped my students with books, magazines, consumables, furniture and more. Thank you for supporting such a great organization. Thw Wimpy Kid School Planner looks great, just the thing to help my 6th graders who are still adjusting to Middle School.

  24. My kids would love “The Magic Treehouse” set!! The Donors Choose card would come in handy as well! We have a project for a new iPad mini for our class!

  25. I love to teach kids. I especially love to read to them. I’ve read Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Magic Tree House to classes over the years. I’m currently teaching kindergarten and we will start working on a book from Student Treasures.

  26. My youngest loved The Magic Tree House Series & I read them to my kindergarteners. Great books to use your imagination and learn with Jack & Annie.

  27. My high first grade students love the Magic Tree House! It’s wonderful when they get into books that you read as a class and they start choosing them when they go to the library!

  28. My students would benefit greatly from a Diary of a Wimpy Kid planner. It is engaging and fun! They created a green school project to help improve their community. They could plan all of their projects with this planner.

  29. All are great resources, but the publishing kit gives students the chance to experience the writing process from beginning to end. Such am amazing way to show them what they are capable of!

  30. I love the Magic Tree House series! They are so engaging and fun that my students can’t get enough. Thank you Mary Pope Osborne for creating such amazing books!

  31. I love the published books from Student Treasures. Have done these in the past, and they are such a great keepsake.

  32. Everything in this blog post looks great! I love donors choose & have gotten many great resources for my classroom. Every year I look at student treasures & think I should do that, but never get it together in time to follow through! But, the prize pack offered from the magic treehouse is amazing!! Those books continue to be a favorite selection even for my 5th grader and my own 7 year old has read every book in the series!

  33. All three are wonderful…but the Studentreasures would be my overall favorite. We have used them at our school and it is just amazing to watch their little work come to life in their very own books.

  34. When my son was in second grade, he discovered The Magic Tree House series. He is now 20, and his collection is in my classroom! These books are great for introducing history topics!

    Last year, my class used Studentreasures for the first time. We published a book about habitats! It was the neatest thing ever! My students learned so much and our parents loved our published writings! This year (beginning real soon), we are going to complete applications for elves and reindeer to help Santa during the Christmas season. I know this book will be absolutely adorable!

  35. My middle school students love the Diary of a Wimpy Kids series so much that I cannot keep them on the shelf for 5 minutes in the library. With it’s popularity, students would want to use the planner which would certainly help them keep organized. I also really like the Studentreasure publishing kit. It would allow students the opportunity to be creative and have a keepsake of their writing and illustrations making it a true treasure.

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