What a Treat! Teacher Appreciation Week Treats Plus a Big Prize Pack of Books to Win

Teacher Appreciation Week is almost here! We’re loving the contests, freebies, and extra-special discounts available just for you this week. You deserve these and so much more!

As our own little treat, we’re giving away a prize pack of books that send a message about the kind of day, week, and school year we wish for you. Our prize pack includes:

Surprise! (Scholastic)
Raj and the Best Day Ever! (Templar Books)
High Five (Dial Books for Young Readers)
Imagine (Candlewick Press)
Family Is a Superpower (Capstone)
We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands (Scholastic)

For your chance to win these books, submit a comment to this blog to share your favorite teacher appreciation event. It can be one from our list, one specifically at your school or in your community, or one you want to let other teachers know about. (Update: Congratulations to Ruth, our lucky winner!) Submit your comment by Wednesday, May 15, to be included in the random drawing. Good luck!

Read on to see a few of the fun freebies we’ve found for you:


Cheese, please! Cabot farmers are showing their appreciation for teachers by giving away a $25 Cabot gift box to 10 lucky teachers. Enter here.



Michaels offers teachers 15% off in store every day, including sale prices, with extra-special treats planned for Teacher Appreciation Week. To check out the Year of the Creative Classroom giveaway and the new section on the website especially for teachers, click here.


McAlister’s Deli has special treats from May 6–10: free tea for teachers, plus 75¢ from the sale of every sugar cookie goes back to your local schools. Get the scoop here.



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PS: In case you missed last week’s blog post, Sandals Resorts is giving away 31 dream vacations, and teachers are invited to enter. Click here.

36 thoughts on “What a Treat! Teacher Appreciation Week Treats Plus a Big Prize Pack of Books to Win

  1. Parents organize a cookout night for the teachers. We sit back, relax and enjoy all the fun, food and special attention. I’m so thankful and blessed for this show of appreciation!

  2. I always enjoy a note from a student and/or a parent not just during Teacher Appreciation Week but anytime of the school year.

  3. Notes and little gifts from the students, and our parent committee brings us lunch which is always a nice treat.

  4. Without teachers knowing about, students were sent home with materials to make a flower for their teacher using Popsicle sticks, construction paper, tissue paper, and any other materials they had at home. When all were brought in, teachers received a very special bouquet!

  5. Our PTO usually has a gift card giveaway for teachers and paras. The gift cards are numbered and placed on a bulletin board. You draw a number from a cup to find out which gift card you have won. It’s fun- and who doesn’t love a gift card? 🙂

  6. I LOVE getting hand written notes and items from the children. I keep them. They mean so much!

  7. Handwritten notes from parents, handwritten notes and pictures from students … I have a TON of them all saved from 24 years of teaching. They are a great ‘pick me up’ on long, hard days!

  8. Flower day. Each child is given a flower to give to the teacher as they enter the classroom. It makes a beautiful bouquet for all of us to enjoy

  9. Our parents bring different parts of a dinner for us to take home to our families! So much better than a catered lunch at school!

  10. We are fortunate to have a teacher breakfast organized one morning before school begins where we can all come together for a rare opportunity to sit down and enjoy each other’s company without interruption. Definitely a highlight and much appreciated!

  11. The local Gottwalls does a teacher appreciation event with discounts and treats. Great way to get books for your classroom library.

  12. Our most wonderful but small PTO always treats the school staff to breakfast on the Friday of Teacher Appreciation week. It’s always a treat to visit the teacher’s room and see yummy homemade or not treats and there’s always something chocolate.

  13. I adore anything homemade. Just knowing that my students took time out of their busy little lives to make something for me is extremely meaningful and uplifting!

  14. I enjoy baked goods, mugs filled with goodies and small gift certificates to Starbucks. However, among my favorite gifts are little notes written on torn out spiral notebook pages, little pictures my students have drawn for me, and one little tiny paper flower that a Kinder student gave me. She even matched the color to my shirt. I wore it proudly in my hair all day.
    (The next day, my little student asked me, “Where’s your flower?” I told her I had stored it in a special place until I wear that shirt again. )

  15. Notes, cards, from students and/or parents are always a plus. I also enjoy the Cheer Chart that is brought around with delicious snacks & sodas, and the delicious and relaxing duty free lunch that is provided by administration.

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