Pack Your Bags: You Could Win a Resort Vacation!

It’s never too early to start thinking about summer—and vacation! Sandals Resorts is giving away 31 trips, and teachers are invited to enter the sweepstakes. Scroll down for the details.

You’ll need some good reading material for lounging on a beach, so submit a comment to this blog by Wednesday, May 8, to let us know where your dream vacation spot is. (Congratulations to Erika, our lucky winner!) We’ll randomly select one teacher to win this stack of fun reads:

Now, on to the details for how you can win that trip, plus a few other goodies I thought you’d like.


Thirty-one—yep, 31!—teachers, nurses, military members, or moms will win a 7-day, 6-night vacation for two at a Sandals or Beaches Resort. Get all of the details at


You might want to have your students to brush up on their geography skills so they can find your exotic vacation location on the map. Check out This free site has dozens of games for U.S. and world geography. Click here.


Want to create an adventure closer to home? Check out the free Room Escape Maker. Create your own virtual escape room game with puzzles, hidden objects and more to review skills and get students thinking. Visit


I think my dream vacation would be a tour of Europe with enough time built in to really explore. But I’d certainly be thrilled with a week of relaxation on Saint Lucia, too!


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39 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags: You Could Win a Resort Vacation!

  1. Believe it or not, it’s my favorite outdoor chair on my patio with a stack of books on a table next to me. Nothing wrong with home sweet home!

  2. Anywhere quiet with a cocktail or glass of wine and a great stack of books to read would be the ideal vacation spot!

  3. While I always love going someplace warm, my dream vacation would be to go north like Greenland or Iceland to see the Northern Lights.

  4. My dream vacation would be to go to Europe to see all the Cathedrals and eat lots of pizza and pastries in Italy and France.

  5. After the winter we had, anywhere warm without snow. I love history, so I would love to travel from Boston to Maine.

  6. My dream vacation spot is Bondi Beach, Australia. We are going to the big island of Hawaii, so that reading material would come in handy for sure!

  7. My favorite beach is Silver Beach in St. Joesph, Michigan! No salt and no sharks! Just sandy beaches and beautiful water as far as the eye can see! That’s where I like to read!

  8. After losing my beautiful, 17 year old daughter in a car accident last summer I really need a peaceful beach vacation! A vacation to White House, Jamaica,would be a dream come true!

  9. Winters are so long up here in the Northeast. I need some warm tropical breezes to relax me after another great school year. A chair on a beach in the Bahamas would do the trick! I’ve never been there but it seems like an excellent spot to do some reading and relaxing.

  10. My dream vacation would be to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower and Champs Elysees. However, I would love to lounge on a warm sandy beach in the Caribbean.

  11. Anywhere with my family! So hard for us all to get together….best vacay memories are when we are all together – my mom, 3 brothers, 2 sisters, 6 spouses, 12 nieces and nephews, a great niece and great nephew, plus all the dogs!!! =0)

  12. I would love to visit the Grand Pitons of St. Lucia, By the way, Thank You Sandals for your reading foundation. I have seen photos of tourists reading to students in Grenada schools. Thank you for your generosity! Happy Summer.

  13. Wow! How do I chose just one location to visit? I would love to visit Australia, Norway, Ireland, Greenland, Hawaii, Jamaica, Bahamas, or anywhere warm after living in Minnesota all my life.

  14. My dream Vacation is Hawaii. I wanted to go there for my honeymoon but we couldn’t afford it. My 3 children said they were going to send us their for our 25th Wedding anniversary and they couldn’t afford it. We’ll be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary this coming September it would be nice to finally be able to go. Here’s wishin and hopin I’m one of the lucky winners.

  15. I would love to see the states that I haven’t visited in the USA. I would also like to revisit Paris and parts of Ireland.

  16. Give me some warm sun, sand and a nice chair with my favorite book and I am in heaven. I love to travel and would love to go anywhere.

  17. My dream vacation would be anywhere outside of my city. A peaceful and quiet place is the dream I am looking for.

  18. I’d love to win a trip somewhere close to home, like Myrtle Beach. It’s just something about lying in bed when you first wake up or right before you go to sleep and hearing the waves hit the shore. Two words…simply beautiful.

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