Two Burning Questions

Yes, these are red hot questions, and if you answer the questions immediately, your name will be entered in a drawing for a free car! Okay, it’s Friday, and I’m seeping with hyperboles. There is no free car, though there is prize involved! Here are the questions:

How often do you go to the Teachers Pay Teachers website? 

• What do you like most about the materials you find there?

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Leave your answers right here on this blog before midnight EDT, August 31, 2014, and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a bag of marshmallows! Hee, hee! Not really! The real prize is a back-to-school goodie bag filled with school supplies and a bit of chocolate!  Hope to hear from you soon!


PS: Remember, I’m also collecting classroom prep tips! Head here to get the scoop! Same deadline: midnight EDT, August 31.


Congratulations to Michelle, the winner of the back-to-school goodie bag! 

118 thoughts on “Two Burning Questions

  1. I go to Teachers Pay Teachers almost weekly. I like that the materials/ ideas are immediate. I don’t have to drive to get them. They are usually tried and true lessons/materials.

    • I enjoy the new and refreshing ideas that are ready to use on TPT. When I need something that is inspiring to teach with I can count on finding something without wasting my time digging through a bunch of different sites.

  2. I go to the Teachers Pay Teachers website 3 or 4 times a month. I like that the website offers free printables as well as resources that can be used in the classroom. I also like that I can save the printables without having to immediately print them. I have all my resources and ideas in one place on my flashdrive. I can access them as I need them. I recommend this site to all my teacher friends.

  3. I go to Teachers Pay Teachers when I am looking for a specific lesson. If I am doing a book for literature, I search Teachers Pay Teachers for related materials. I like that the materials are specific to my needs.

  4. I use TpT weekly. I love it because there is a huge selection of materials that have been made by teachers and used in classrooms. It is a HUGE time saver and it sparks ideas in my head.

  5. I visit TpT usually several times monthly. It may be more often that that depending on what I am working on/looking for. the thing I like most about the materials I get there is that they are ready to print and use. Many are also specific to standards that I am using making it easy to align my resources.

  6. I visit the tpt website almost every day! I am addicted! I love to see how other teachers handle certain lessons and/or tasks, and I love to try new approaches. It is such a great resource!

  7. I go to Teachers Pay Teachers at least a couple of times a week. I love searching for creative materials from fellow teachers. Some are free and many almost free. It’s a great resource and immediate downloads.

  8. I go to TPT weekly or when I am looking for something specific. I like that there’s a variety of products to choose from.

  9. I go there weekly- often on a redirect from pinterest:). I love that I can often find resources that I don’t need to adapt to fit the needs of my students, someone else already has!

  10. I go to TPT website once in four day. As a Children’s Librarian I use it for my programs. Search is very easy and material is so….. good. I like there lesson plans, activities, clip art and literacy center ideas. And now I am getting inspirations from this website to make my pintables for my multilingual story time (English/ Hindi/ Gujarati).

  11. Lately with school starting I’ve gone there once a week or so. I have gone mostly to check out their sales and then to get some free materials (Dr. Jean cheer cards and another teacher’s schedule of the day cards). I like that you can find things all on one website.

  12. I visit Teachers Pay Teachers at least once a week. I love their variety of resources, many freebies, sales, and all the great ideas!

  13. I go on TpT a couple times a week. I find materials that supplement the lessons that I am teaching. I like that the materials are very practical.

  14. I follow them on Facebook, so I go to their site whenever I see projects, ideas, products or info I think I might need/like. So that is at least once a week. I think their site because the info they share is tried and true and I know it will be successful

  15. I go to the website at least once a week. The products are soooooo goooood because they are created and tested by awesome teachers!! Thank you all!!

  16. I have been a few times and I have really enjoyed it so far. I like that the pages are colorful and appeal to kids. I have also found a lot of worksheets that help meet the common core standards.

  17. I go to the TPT website daily. Mostly, it’s me dreaming while I add to my ever growing wish list. I love that the materials will help me to teach/reinforce important skills, are interesting/ eye catching for my students, and easy to implement.

  18. I go to Teachers Pay Teachers almost every week. I love the ideas and ready made teaching materials. I also do not mind supporting other teachers.

  19. I go to TPTS weekly to gather low price and effective lessons. I love that I can find nearly anything I am looking for!

  20. I visit almost daily. I love finding ready made worksheets to help my students review standards we have already covered. As a mother of three very busy children, anything that saves me planning and prep time usd a keeper!

  21. I am on TPT dAily!!!. I am always looking for supplements to mostly Math lessons. I love that I can find anything I need quick and easy.

  22. I go to TpT at least once a week if not more. I follow it on Facebook and often head there based on a post. I love that I can use the materials in my immediately. Most of them or so cheap and so helpful.

  23. More frequently lately… A time or two a week now. I started at a new school this week, and I’m teaching Religion (I’ve never taught it before). I’m using TPT for lesson ideas and materials that I know worked in the past and are appropriate for my grade levels.

  24. I log onto TPT daily…many days numerous times. I love finding new things to help differentiate my lessons and supplement our curriculum. It’s nice to know that the activities have been created by actual classroom teachers, and not people sitting in an office! I wish TPT had been around my first couple years of teaching!

  25. I go to TPT about once every two weeks. I like that it offers a lot of free resources. I also like that you can buy easy prep centers, projects, and games!

  26. I go to TPT 3-4 times a month. I find so many great resources, I am usually there for over an hour! I like it because there are ideas and printables that have been tested in a real classroom. Sometimes I find ideas on facebook, pinterest, or other sites that look great, but when you try them in a the classroom they are a disaster.

  27. I go to TPT when I am looking for inspiration and I am stuck. I always find what I am looking for there. I love the free printables! I usually save them to use at a later date. This dight gas really saved me!

  28. I go to TpT once a week as I love their activities for math. I love that they are instantly in my possession! There are so many teachers with great ideas that actually go with my curriculum. It is also great that they are teachers making these resources. They know what works! Love it 🙂

  29. I go to TPT at least once a week – more often than that usually! I love that you can find free materials to support Common Core, RtI, interventions, and anything else you may need! As a mother of 5, I need time savers and TPT has it!

  30. I go to Teachers Pay Teachers when I’m am looking for ideas on specific topics, probably a couple of times every month, at least. I can usually find several things to use in my classroom. I like that there is a variety of ideas every time I look.

  31. I go to teachers pay teachers weekly. I like finding new ways to teach the concepts being presented in my classroom. I like that by purchasing the activities I am helping another teacher earn money for their creativity.

  32. I love tpt! I check it out whenever I’m lesson planning or just looking for new ideas. I love how you can find almost everything you are looking for and more.

  33. I visit TPT almost everyday! It is an awesome site for teachers. I love that it is stuff created by other teachers that has been used and works! It is nice to get ideas and materials that can really focus in on a certain area. Plus the stuff is really cute:)

  34. I go to TPT at least 2 times a week because of the time it saves me especially last year when we adopted a new reading series and needed resources to go with the new reading books.

  35. I go maybe once or twice a month. They do have fantastic lessons and supplements to lessons but as a private preschool teacher, I just can’t afford it all the time.

  36. I go to the TPT website at least once a week. I love that the units are created by teachers and are ready to use. I also do not need to find the time to get into my car and drive quite a distance to a resource store. When I am on the TPT website, I appreciate going directly to grade level offerings. I often go to the seller’s blog/website for ideas.

  37. I just found the Teachers Pay Teachers site during my first week of school. This is my first year of teaching and I absolutely love that there are so many resources available for immediate use!

  38. I go to TPT every week! I will have to admit that I have never purchased anything. I have only used the free resources but I have found/used some amazing things!

  39. I go to TpT about twice a month, but end up spending hours on the site at a time 🙂 My favorite part about the website is that there are often several different ideas for the same topic/unit and I can pick the one best suited to my students for a particular year.

  40. I go to the Teachers Pay Teachers site 1-2 times a week. I really like that there are so many ideas I may not have thought of or there are things on there that save me so much time. A class reward system I wanted to make was already there for a great price. I also really enjoy finding activities for my literacy centers.

  41. I visit TPTs a few times a week. I love all their freebies!!! And if I make a purchase it is fairly cheap! Units are up to date with common core and are also cute and appealing to me and my class!

  42. I visit TPT about once a month. I love how it has quick and easy to download resources that are perfect for my needs! Visiting the site always inspires me.

  43. I visit TPT sometimes daily! I love that resources are readily available and easy to access and print! Makes planning super simple and centers have great, colorful materials!

  44. I visit Teachers Pay Teachers often several times a week, either to look for something new or to download something I’ve already purchased. I love that the search features have been refined so it is easier for me to find what I’m looking for, I can usually preview before I buy, and I can see all the reviews to help me to determine if what I’m looking at is really going to suit my needs. It also gives me great ideas for making my own resources.

  45. I visit TPT about once or twice a month. I like that these ideas are “tried and true” by REAL teachers (not just written by authors/retirees working for a publisher). I often find inspiration and some great new approaches (even after 25 years!)

  46. I go to TPT weekly. I love that I can find supplemental resources that are ready for me to use. I don’t have to spend time making my own.
    I love marshmallows. 🙂

  47. I go to TPT on a weekly basis. I like that the materials can be specific for certain regions. For example you can find items with colour spelled correctly (well for Canadians/British/etc)

  48. I go to TPT at least once a week. I go whenever I am looking for something specific or whenever I see something new posted or a suggestion on Facebook or a blog! I have found great resources for my room, great activity ideas, and great printables that I then don’t need to create!

  49. I go on the TPT website weekly. I think it is a great resource and can really help out new teachers like myself. I like to be more creative so I use some of the materials as baseline ideas and build my own assignment from there.

  50. I go to TPT at least once a week, sometimes more. What I like about TPT is that the materials are planned and used by *real teachers* —– NOT “curriculum companies” with teams who decide “what kids need” and “the best way to teach it” without ever setting foot in a classroom. I can choose what will work for my particular class.

  51. Before school started I was on TpT almost everyday, but now only weekly (is all I have time for). I love that I can usually find exactly what I’m looking for, already made. If I’m liking for ideas I can find something perfect. It’s also nice being able to save it to a jump drive because heaven knows you find a while lot more than you went originally to find.

  52. I go to TPT once a month or so. I always check out the free items first. If I am teaching a particular lesson that I need more resources I will search for such items.

  53. I go to teachers pay teachers at least three times a week! What I like most about the products on TpT is that most lessons or worksheets can be modified for my self contained HS special ed class!

  54. I visit TPT at least once a week. There are so many resources that are great supplements to what I am already teaching. It has helped with the transition to common core. I love how creative teachers are and how engaging the activities are!

  55. I am on Teachers Pay Teachers at least once a day 🙂 I am addicted and I love it!! I teach a K-6 Special Education Autism classroom and I love that I can go to one spot to find materials for all of my students. The prices are great and I love that I am supporting other educators, when I finally get time (will that ever happen??) I would like to start selling things on TPT.

  56. I go to TPT at least 4 days a week. What I love most is I can find anything I’m looking for in one place for my grade and there are so many valuable resources that are free to download.

  57. I go to TPT several times a week, mostly on the weekend when I’m working on my curriculum. I love that there are so many free resources and awesome themed units that help me develop a curriculum for pre-k and kindergarten.

  58. I go to TPT weekly to look at new ideas as well as search for ideas to go with the concepts I am working on with my class. I appreciate all the ideas from teachers that have already been done with there classes. I appreciate being able to find an idea and then download it so I can implement it right away in my classroom. I also appreciate having access to materials above and below the grade level I teach so I can better meet the diverse ability levels of my students.

  59. I go to TPT weekly. I like TPT stuff because it’s low cost, a teacher made it, easy to find what I am looking for, downloadable (not sitting in a filing Cabit) and the specials that run on Sunday for FREE items.

  60. I visit the website when I begin new units. The site is very easy and resourceful. I recommend this site to all my colleagues.

  61. I go to the site every weekend (that’s the only time I have). I like getting ideas from other teachers. Plus, I don’t have to create things on my own.

  62. I had not heard of this site until now. I just signed up to find out more about it. I am excited, I can always use new ideas, especially from other teachers! Thank you again Mailbox, I LOVE you! 🙂

  63. I just starting using Teachers Pay Teachers about a week ago.. I like that most materials are able to be downloaded immediately. It is great that the tags are on the computer and can be customized and used over and over again. I like the smartboard and mimio downloads too

  64. I go to the TpT site regularly. I have a couple of favorite teacher sellers, and I always watch my inbox to see if they have new lessons posted. My favorite seller for high school English is Laura Randazzo. I like that I can find current lessons on TpT; for example, I have purchased ones from Tracee Orman that tie in with students’ social media interests involving hashtags, memes, etc.

  65. I visit weekly and look for giveaways and product showcases. I also enjoy seeing what others are doing in their classrooms. 🙂

  66. I go at least once a week. I download the 10 free materials a month, but purchase others to supplement.
    I go through checking to see what other states are putting emphasis on by following the posted products and following these teachers and their blogs. Even though Oklahoma (my state) pulled out of using Common Core our tests are still based on CC material.

  67. Primarily, I look at the TPT website when I am looking for something specific. I am a regular (weekly) on the website and have established a relationship with one of the sellers. She will often create tasks that I ask for. If I do not find what I am looking for, I get ideas on how I could create a task to meet my students’ needs and fit the specific concept I am trying to cover.

    When I am on there, I prefer to look for hands-on tasks or visuals. As a special education teacher, it is important for me to represent content in multiple contexts. Often, while searching the web in general, worksheets are provided but TPT provides an array of materials in addition to worksheets. What I also like about the TPT community are the sellers and their willingness to take feedback. They take it not as a negative, but as another way to look at the concept and are often willing to make adjustments if needed. Very supportive community! 🙂

  68. I go to TPT every time I need an idea and I can’t find it anywhere else or I am directed there by a search or Pinterest. That usually happens several times a month. I like that fact that the materials are made by teachers, used by teachers, and they can give you hints about how they worked in their classes.

  69. I visit TPT everyday. I’m trying to get of my co-workers hooked. I love that the products are made for teachers by teachers so that they really fit the skill I’m teaching. The products are cute, colorful, and fun. Best of all, I don’t have to make the item myself. I love TPT!!

  70. I get to the site at least once a week and love the free items the best – so much work that I can now put to a great use in my classroom – I have purchased a few items and always been pleased – thanks

  71. I visit the Teachers Pay Teachers website about once a month. Most of the ideas I have found there work great in my classroom and many of them are free 🙂

  72. I use TeachersPayTeachers when I am adding a new unit to my curriculum, so usually 2-3 times a school year. I love the materials there because they are created by experienced teachers and include everything I need.

  73. I use teacher pay teachers a couple of times a month. I like that there units are ready to go. Just recently I was able to print off my common core standards in kid friendly language side by side with the original language. I also use it for back to school activities and occasionally for materials to use fir phonics intervention or math. Teachers pay teachers has some great back to school activities that are fun yet they incorporate learning; such as Math about me. I also got a great goal setting sheet for my students to set their own academic, behavioral and personal goal and state what they would do to reach their goal.

  74. I use tpt weekly when I plan and more often if I’m looking for something particular. I like the free things and the fact that other teachers are willing to share as I’m a new teacher

  75. I go to TPT whenever I am looking for something specific to extend my lessons. I like that so many of the lessons have the Common Core objectives listed that are met by that lesson.

  76. I go to TPT when I am looking for extra materials to go with my theme or ideas I can incorporate into my lesson plan.

    I LOVE the emails I get and the freebies! I have used quite a few of them! I have bought some things as well. It is a great resource!!!

  77. I use Teachers Pay Teachers at least once a week.. I like the ease of finding already put together lessons that meet the standards!

  78. I go to TPT atleast once a week. This time of year I’m on the website almost daily. I enjoy how creative and easy it is to find what your looking for.

  79. I go to TPT atleast once a week to see what’s new. I also go when I’m bored with my own ideas and need inspiration. I like that you can print directly and not have to wait to have something shipped to you. I also appreciate the FREE resources shared by other teachers!

  80. I cisit teachers pay teacher weekly. I like all of the resources available and that thr money is going to other teachers. I also like that all of the products purchased and in one place on their website.

  81. Aloha from Hawaii! I visit TPT at least three times a week. Enjoy researching new materials to be introduced to my 1st graders (great extension to my weekly lessons). The best thing about the site are the lessons which engages the students and majority meets the Common Core Standards (I’ll be honest… appreciate the free materials).

  82. I go to TPT weekly. I love looking to see what new materials there are to use with my students and in my classroom. I am always finding fun and engaging activities that my students enjoy.

  83. I love going to TPT for all of the great ideas. I am on TPT at least once a week. I love being able to search for my grade and area of study. When I am ready, no matter what time of the day or night, I can purchase and download immediately! I can have things ready for the next day. No running around to stores looking for something that might work. I know teachers have tried the materials and have found success.

  84. I visit Teacher Pay Teachers website several times a week. It is a great resource for teachers to share activities that have worked in their classrooms. The activities are standards aligned, very user friendly, and have implicit instructions to help you successfully implement them into your lesson.

  85. I visit when I receive emails about new products. Otherwise I usually am too busy to visit there. The materials are great. I wish I had more time to explore everything.

  86. I go to Teachers Pay Teachers at least weekly. I love the inspirations I get from the site. I come away with so many new ideas that I hadn’t thought of. It makes my classroom a more entertaining, enriching and organized environment.

  87. I visit TPT weekly. I love that the materials are created by teachers who have tested them out in their own classrooms.

  88. I visit the TPT website a couple times a week, I use some of the information with my lesson plans and that teacher have made it and tried it out in there classrooms thank you it is an awesome site.

  89. I go to TpT around 2-3 times a month. I like that I can get the materials right then instead of having to wait for them to be delivered. I also like that I can buy small things/components of a unit and not a huge compilation of things that I probably won’t use.

  90. I visit TPT Daily!!!! Several times a day =) I love it!!! The materials that I have bought and those that I have down loaded for free have been a Godsend. I LOVE everything that I have down loaded and am so grateful to those teachers that create such amazing products for all of us to use.

  91. I go to TPT at least 2-3 times per week. I get a daily update with new products from the people I follow and also from Bloglovin (I think that is it). I love TPT because it is materials by teachers that are mostly still in the trenches and have already tried it out on kids and know what is needed and have created it to meet the standards.

  92. I go there about once a week, sometimes more depending on what the teacher blog’s share about TPT. I like that the materials are classroom tried and that it is made from authentic needs.

  93. I check TPT specials weekly when I receive their e-mail. I also use them along with other resources when I am writing curriculum. To be fair, I primarily use the freebees unless I am looking for a specific item for a specific theme. That being said, I love how easy it is to search their site (age group, area of learning).

  94. I also visit weekly! I love all the teacher creativity! I love to see how other teacher use materials in their classroom. It is so inspirational! I am so proud to be part of this profession!

  95. I go to TPT almost daily. I love that the lessons are relevant, kid friendly, and made by teachers who are teaching these skills on a daily basis.

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