See a Penny, Pick It Up…Lucky You! You Could Win Four Books!

Don’t overlook penny power! With the holiday gift-giving season coming (take a deep breath; it’s still October for another day), it’s a perfect time to get your students thinking about money choices like saving, spending, goods and services, and careers. I’ve got ready-to-go resources ready for you!

What do I have? Free preschool activities that incorporate dramatic play, songs, and more. For grades K–3, download free Common Core skill builders to help you teach these valuable life lessons.

Since October and Halloween deserve one last hurrah, I’ve got a stash of four—yep, count ’em—four Halloween-themed books that one teacher will win. Simply post a comment on this blog by 11:59 pm EST Sunday, November 8, 2015, and tell me whether you have a class of savers or spenders for your chance to win these books.

In It’s Raining Bats & Frogs (Feiwel and Friends), a rainy day threatens to ruin the annual Halloween parade, so one little witch decides to make the rain a little more interesting. All things Halloween entertain a pup and a youngster while Mom is away in Carl’s Halloween (Margaret Ferguson Books). In The Fun Book of Scary Stuff (Frances Foster Books), a boy and his two dogs learn that even the most frightening things are less scary when you’re with those you love. Then two boys bring home a cool egg from a swamp in Scary Tales: Swamp Monster (Feiwel and Friends). What happens when the creature of the swamp wants it back?  (Update: congratulations to Amber, who is the winner of our prize.)


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PS: Still have your lucky penny in hand? Click here for more great chances to win!

15 thoughts on “See a Penny, Pick It Up…Lucky You! You Could Win Four Books!

  1. My class is full of savers! We have a very large population of children living in poverty in our District and they really appreciate the resources provided at school.

  2. My class has a few spenders but mostly they are savers which works well for them come class auction time where they can spend their classroom reward money.

  3. Spenders most definitely. Especially lately I am hearing about all the Halloween spending. Hope the activities will teach them about saving some for a rainy day.

  4. I like the “fun Book of Scary Stuff”. We do fund raisers for special topics at my day care. The children love to bring in their pennies. We collect over $800 in coins for one of the children’s walk.

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