Boo to You!

This book says Halloween to me. I can’t even look at either cover version without getting a bit nostalgic. There are three reasons for this:

  1. I LOVE Halloween. It reminds me of crunching through the fall leaves in the dark in my hometown of Midland, Michigan.

  2. I remember my teachers and my mom reading these Jack Prelutsky poems to me when I was little.

  3. I read these poems to every class of kindergartners I taught. The poems are spooky enough that they give you a little shiver, but not so spooky that a class of five-year-olds will burst into tears. In other words, perfect!

I think everyone has a holiday that makes them smile and reminisce. For me it’s Halloween. What holiday is that for you?
PS: My pal Karen is giving away four Halloween-themed books! Check it out here.

One thought on “Boo to You!

  1. OMG!!!!!! I love that Jack Prelutsky book — I have the original one from my childhood! 🙂 🙂 I love that book!!!

    I love Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. When Christmas is over, I feel depressed. ;(

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