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BLOG-DETECTIVE-2Soft or crunchy? Today, I’m serving up the tantalizing results of our most recent blog poll. If you recall, the poll was conducted in recognition of National Taco Day, October 3, and you were asked to state your taco shell preference: soft or crunchy. So which type of taco shell is preferred by teachers? By a teeny-tiny margin, it is the crunchy taco shell. Crunch, crunch, crunch!

On the topic of research, I recently reviewed a study conducted in the United Kingdom that suggested that left-handed children are more likely to enjoy school and get along with their teachers than right-handed children. This blew me away! Do you think this study is supported by the students in your classroom?

Extremely curious!



4 thoughts on “Results and a Question

  1. On the topic of tacos, have you ever had spaghetti tacos? I found this super fun recipe to put spaghetti in a crunchy taco. My niece and nephew thought that was the coolest dinner they had ever had.

    On the topic of left/right handed happiness, I find it hard to believe but research can show just about anything these days. 🙂


  2. Oh my goodness I do not find this true in my classroom. I have lefties who are super smart and others who are just smart. I also have super smart right hand kids as well. Sometimes I wonder why they bother to research things like this

  3. Hmmm. I would like to know where this study was done and if similar studies had the same results.

    I do not find that left-handed students are much different than right-handed students when it comes to school and getting along with teachers.

  4. I am a lefty and I was generally always the teacher’s pet and I’ve always enjoyed school; my daughter’s bff is a lefty, very sweet and “popular” with all the teachers in their school, and she HATES missing a day of school. So, my thought is, it might be possible that us lefties might like school more and get along with our teachers better. =)

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