First Friday Giveaway—Olé!

You know how much I love to celebrate holidays and special days, right? Well, I just learned that tomorrow, Saturday, October 4, is…drumroll pleaseNational Taco Day! Do you know that, last year, Americans ate over 4.5 billion tacos? According to my source, this equals about 490,000 miles of tacos—a trip to the moon and back (with some miles left over)! I  ate some of those tacos, yes I did. Of course, being of a curious nature, I’m now wondering whether these are crunchy or soft statistics. And this leads me right into this month’s  giveaway.


No, we’re not giving away a trip to the moon or a king-size taco; however, you can be entered to win a collection of more than 500 classroom stickers by simply telling me whether you prefer a soft or crunchy taco. Simply state your taco preference right here on the blog before midnight, EDT Sunday, October 12. I’ll announce the prize winner and the results of my teacher taco research the following day.

I’m a crunchy gal!


Congratulations to Sheila M., the winner of this month’s giveaway prize! 


63 thoughts on “First Friday Giveaway—Olé!

  1. I love both – but if I had to choose one it would be the soft because it is easier to eat! Love, love, love tacos!


    Ever try eating a Soft Taco Supreme
    And not appear like a glutton
    With stuff squirting out all over yourself
    Down to your old bellybutton

    It’s all about this amazing experience
    Wouldn’t be as enjoyable without it
    So forget about all those darn cleaning bills
    They’re part of the joyous trip

    As you chomp away with gay abandon
    The messier the better, for sure
    Without the mess, you ain’t no aficionado
    Just someone trying to act mature

    Acting prim and proper when eating a taco
    Has never been part of the scene
    So dig right in, the messier the better
    Be a proud taco eating machine

  3. The crunchier, the better has always been my motto. Plus we can’t forget all the yummy salsa and sour cream to go on top:)

  4. Soft tacos for me but around here I make both for any meal I am serving tacos. Sure would love to win since my Grandaughter’s birthday is tomorrow National Taco day.

  5. Tres de diciembre?? All tacos are much gusto to me! Friday crazy preschoolers need stickers thank you very much!

  6. Any kind, anytime! But I crunch my tension out so I tend toward favoring the crunchy. And I’m a teacher, so mess doesn’t scare me! lol!

  7. Well, honestly I prefer DOUBLE DECKER tacos! (soft and hard in one bite) but if I had to pick just one, I would choose soft.

  8. I think I have to go with a soft taco, that way it doesn’t break apart when I try to eat it. Also, I can’t cut my mouth on a soft taco.

  9. Crunchy tacos (supreme) are the best! Thank you for the giveaway. I teach high school English, and my students love getting stickers on their papers!

  10. This may be a dumb question, but do you still send out the magazine? Or, do you have to be a Gold Member to get the magazine?

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