Purr-fect Pick Me Up!

Blog-Heather's-CatI love it when I find an idea for good health that I can actually succeed at. I applaud you if you are one who drinks beet juice and fills your plate with kale, collards, and mustard greens. Would you believe I’m actually allergic? Okay, perhaps I’m stretching the truth a teeny bit. I’m not stretching the truth about this good health hack I’ve discovered. It actually came from an article titled “Sneaky Hacks for Better Health.” Number one on the list? Watch a cat video on YouTube! A new study from Indiana University found that the positive emotion a person gets from watching adorable felines actually boosts emotional energy. What teacher doesn’t need a boost of energy (or a purr-fect pick me up!) at the end of the school day?

Now, I don’t expect you to take my word for this, so I’m including a link to “10 Classic Cat Videos Perfect for a Brain Break.” (Click here.) Let me know what you think!

So darn cute!



2 thoughts on “Purr-fect Pick Me Up!

    • Thanks for sharing this cute cat video, Brenda. The kitties are precious and I loved the part about the “vakoom”!

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