Letting It Go

storage (1)Those of you who have no trouble letting go of “stuff” may not be interested in this blog. I’m not one of those folks. I’m a teacher after all, and many of us teachers know how to hang onto stuff for ever and ever in the event that we might one day need it. Yeppers, that’s me to a capital T!

I’m not a hoarder; I’m just a keeper. My home is neat, organized, and bursting at the seams. I have a closet crammed full of scrapbook paper. Drawers of art supplies. Shelves of children’s books. And felt-tip markers? I’ve got the motherload!

Because I’m preparing for a move, I decided to rent a storage unit. The unit is on my way to and from work, so it’s convenient. I’ve been dropping off boxes for a few weeks now. And guess what? I haven’t missed or needed anything that I’ve stored. Maybe this is just what I needed! I’ve gotten plenty of “stuff” out of my home, and that stuff is one step closer to being donated, sold, or tossed. After all, I’m not keeping that storage unit for very long—those buggers are expensive!

Are you a keeper of stuff? What tips do you have for a summer purge?

Eager to hear!


PS: Here’s some stuff you will want to get. My pal Karen is giving away a box full of brand-new Elmer’s goodies—glue sticks, glitter glue, repositionable letters, and more. Check it out here!


9 thoughts on “Letting It Go

  1. Love the post. I’m retiring next year. I want to start early getting rid of stuff. Yes, I do have a storage space that I also want to get rid of at the end of the year. Do you have any ideas about doing a garage sale?

    • My neighbor and I had a yard sale this spring and I was pleased with the results. I pretty much focused on my attic for the sale. I think a July or August sale would be great for teacher supplies since teachers are getting back into the school mindset. Good luck!

  2. I have been purging since I got off work and packing some of the things I don’t use for my granddaughter who is almost ready to graduate and be the next teacher in the family. Lesa if you check Facebook their our teacher to teacher sites post a garage sale there and new teachers will come

  3. if a new teacher comes to your site a care package and suggestions for how to use the products is a nice gesture. putting them in a central location at school with free is aleays a big hit. having a sale at school could work as long as your administrator does not abject. my state has lists like free cycle where ypu csn trade for something you would like instead.when in doubt throw it out.

    all these ideas from someone exactly like Karen!!

  4. When my mom died and then later when my grandmother died, I had the unfortunate job of going through all of their things and figuring out what to do with it. Much of it was just plain old junk – old magazines, newspapers, etc. I vowed right then and there that I would NEVER do that to my kids. I now have a very strict rule. If I haven’t used something in two years, it is gone. That gives me each season, every single holiday, and anything else I can think of for two whole years. If I don’t need it for any of those occasions, I just don’t need it at all. If the item is in good shape, I give it to a friend or to Goodwill. If it’s in bad shape, it goes in the trash. I have to be brutal with myself at times, but I have kept that promise to myself and to my kids. Now, there is one exception to this rule. I have family treasures like the good China dishes that my dad brought my mom back from Japan right after World War II. Occasionally, we will go a few years without using it, but I am saving it for my kids for when they are old enough to want it. Other than something extremely special like that, items not used for two years are GONE. It makes my life much easier.

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