Stick-to-itiveness and Sticky Giveaways!

Elmer's Glue for YouYou’ve made it through another year! In honor of your stick-to-itiveness, I have a sticky prize pack that I’m super excited to give away. Why? I know that finding an unused glue stick at this time of year is like winning the lottery! Check out this stash of Elmer’s goodies. (Yep, that’s a box of 60 brand-new school glue sticks.) One lucky reader will take all!

Post a comment to this blog no later than 11:59 pm EDT on July 3, 2016, to tell me which of the products below spark your interest. From the comments, I’ll randomly select one reader to win my Elmer’s goodies box of glue sticks, glitter glue, repositionable letters, and more!  (Update: congratulations to Diane, who is the winner of our prize.)


Which Elmer's Glue Are You
You have another chance to win even more Elmer’s products. Plus you can take a fun quiz to find out your Elmer’s glue teaching style. There will be four more chances to win a huge Elmer’s prize pack at One will be given away every month through September. Be sure to check out the free clever projects that you can download. It’s all here.


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Britannica SchoolHere’s another TCA winner to check out: Britannica School lets grades K–12 students tap into the knowledge of experts. The age-appropriate eBooks cover every subject, plus you get learning resources that support students’ research and reinforce standards. Sign up for free trial here.


Don’t forget to post a comment for your chance to win my box of Elmer’s goodies!

Always sticking by you,


PS: I have yet a third way for you to win Elmer’s products. Go to, click on “Freebies & More,” and scroll down to the “WIN” tab to see how.

34 thoughts on “Stick-to-itiveness and Sticky Giveaways!

  1. The 60 Washable Disappearing Purple School Glue Sticks sparked my interest the most. Although, all of the items would be very useful. The reasons that the Glue sticks sparked my interest the most are:
    They cause less mess than regular glue.
    It seems to be easier for the students to use glue sticks than regular glue.
    Since there are 60 of them, that means that there will be extras, and there always seems to be a need for extras.
    The glue sticks are small, so they don’t take up much room and are easy to store.
    They work very well.
    The purple glue is easy to see when a student puts a chunk of it on their desk or somewhere else.
    It is easy to clean up if it does get in places it shouldn’t be.
    Purple is my favorite color, so I like that it is purple.
    I am a huge fan of the singer Prince and am still mourning his death, and the purple color of the glue stick brings back positive memories of Prince, since purple was his favorite color and because of his wonderful song Purple Rain.

  2. For the past three years I have been a Spanish teacher on a cart, traveling to each classroom. I have the privilege of spending my days with all of the students in my school (K-5). This upcoming year I am (finally!) getting a classroom, but I don’t have any supplies! The glue would help the kiddos to be creative and the stickers would help the room transform into a learning oasis! ¡Muchas gracias por su ayuda!

  3. I love all the Elmer’s products and would love to win this prize package. . .my favorite. . .the glitter glue because what’s life without a little sparkle!!!!

  4. New position next year! I would really love the Elmer’s supplies.
    Glue dots on the letters- great for multi-sensory lessons.

  5. Love ALL of the great products – I would be thrilled with any of them, however, I have an affection for Elmer’s products. I cannot go to a store that carries school supplies and NOT browse that aisle. I am always looking for new products, sales on favorite products, or just things that would make our classroom ‘well stocked’ and ready for fun and learning. Thanks so much for providing these products and the blog is one of my favorite ‘go to’ places when I’m online.
    Thanks again!

  6. Elmer’s glue is used daily in my class. I would love to win this prize pack to used in my class. The children love to have the own glue sticks in there pencil boxes.
    Thanks Kim

  7. Elmer’s is my favorite glue bottle; from Popsicle gift boxes to art that pops off the page Elmer’s glue is always there, otherwise my world would fall apart.

  8. I stuck to it all year with a teaching partner who was out on medical leave. I love all things that help make learning “stick” and glue sticks disappear in my room more often than I care to admit. Glitter and glue make all kindergarten children so happy! Any of these products make learning more fun. Thanks.

  9. Love Elmer’s products – we go through glue like crazy in my math class for our math journals! Thank you for the opportunity!

  10. The e-books sound wonderful. I love to incorporate reading fiction and non-fiction books into my Science AND Social Studies classes.
    But the Elmers glue is an absolute necessity as I have them all do Interactive notebooks in both subjects !!

  11. We eat glue sticks and white glue! Sometimes literally, as I see my little ones licking the glue sticks! Time for new ones! Mahalo for Elmer’s!

  12. ever since hurricane Sandy, we have been trying to replenish all our supplies on a limited budget.The gift of elmers glue would certainly be a blessing!

  13. I would be happy with just the glue sticks for the kids. But that glitter glue would take some of our arts and crafts to the next level of fun! The letters and numbers are cool, too!

  14. Definitely the glitter glue sparks my attention the most. This is because when it comes to arts and crafts, using the glitter glue pays off and there is not alot of clutter and glitter all over the place. Less mess is always good!! 🙂

  15. My students and I go through LOTS of glue sticks while doing projects, crafts, journaling, working with buddies, etc. We can always use more!! Plus, they would LOVE the glitter glue! It would be a big hit in our 1st grade class!

  16. I love the number and letter stickers. I am always making new flash cards of our current material and I like to make them bright and fun. I was trying to take the teacher quiz but it keeps saying that my state does not match 🙁

  17. Glitter-glue sticks! Sounds like a very sparkly idea! Oh what fun we’d have creating with these gems! I live to do art with my firsties!! Thanks for the chance to win these!

  18. It’s difficult to pick just one item that sparks my interest because my 4th graders would love any/all of them. Since I have to choose, the 30 pack of glue sticks would be my choice because it could be divided among the entire class and each student could be the recipient of a “prize” just for them.

  19. Elmer’s is all you have to say! I will stick with Elmer’s stick glue! Box of 60 would be great to share with students, centers and crafts!

  20. Can anyone ever have enough glue sticks? Not if you teach kindergarten! And as for the glitter glue – – we have an expression in our classroom, “Glittah makes everything bettah!”

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