Let’s Make Some Cards!


I’m always talking about the tons of activities available to you for your grade level with a subscription to The Mailbox® Gold, but did you know a Gold subscription also gives you access to helpful tools that make your life easier? I discussed our Bingo Board Maker tool in a previous blog. (see Bingo! From March 6, 2023) so now I’ll spotlight our Card Maker. If you need cards—small cards, big cards, name cards—it’s easy to make them, with fancy borders or without.

I made the cards below in just a few minutes!

A Gold Subscription is $29.95 for the entire year. Your subscription gives you the following:

  • The Mailbox Magazine, online and monthly, for your grade level.
  • Access to unlimited printing and downloads from our online library for your grade level (over 18,000 activities and printables).
  • Access to awesome teach tools like the flashcard maker, bingo board maker, and customizable monthly forms

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