As a teacher, you know that games are a fun way to reinforce important skills, but you also know that creating the games can eat up a lot of your time. That’s why The Mailbox® has a Bingo Game Maker! It comes with your Gold subscription along with tons of other goodies to make your life easier.

Here’s a screen shot of our Bingo Game Maker. It allows you to choose the grid layout, how many different boards you want, a border (if desired), and font details. You can add words or math problems to the boards and then print them out. You also get teacher cards to simplify playing the game. See above for my Bingo game with high frequency words!

Click here to subscribe to The Mailbox Gold. It’s $29.95 for the entire year and comes with the following:

  • The monthly online magazine for your grade level.
  • Unlimited prints and downloads of our online library for your grade level—over 18,000 activities! (That includes years of The Mailbox Magazine and Teacher’s Helper magazines.)
  • Teacher tools, like the Bingo Card Maker, Flashcard Maker, Spelling List Maker, Customizable Monthly Forms, and MORE.


Questions? You can always reach me through our Facebook page.

All the best!

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