Jimmy Dislikes Eggs

While you learn something new every day, you may not learn something new every day that changes your life. For example, you don’t learn addition every day. You don’t learn the first law of physics every day. You don’t learn Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs every day. Some days you learn something simple, like Jimmy dislikes eggs, but that doesn’t change your life or the way you do things.

A few things that I learned as a teacher did change my life in the classroom. The cumulative writing folder program was one. There was a rather unique essay grading system I learned at a PD workshop that was an amazing time saver (but apparently not quite amazing enough that I can remember it today). And cooking bacon in the oven instead of pan frying or microwaving? Earth. Shattering.

Teachers, is there something you’ve learned in the last few years that has changed your life for the better in the classroom? Something small that made a big difference? Something big that changed a lot in little ways? We want to know.

One thought on “Jimmy Dislikes Eggs

  1. Yes! Counting to five or seven for my middle schoolers to open their literature books helps everyone begin reading on time! Every good mom and teacher counts when they get upset; it wasn’t until I informally watched a coworker and implemented her idea. It has saved so much transition time! Simple yet brilliant!

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