It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! Win This Book Filled With Outdoor Projects

The flowers are popping up and the temperatures are rising. Spring is here!

Make the most of it by heading outdoors with this book: Maker Lab Outdoors from DK. You’ll discover 25 projects to spark kids’ creativity and get them exploring.

You can win this book. Submit a comment to this blog by Wednesday, April 10, and let us know what your favorite sign of spring is. (Update: Congrats to Sandy, our lucky winner!) One lucky teacher will be randomly selected to win the book. Good luck!


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My favorite sign of spring is when the days get longer. Spring forward can be painful, but more light in the evenings sure is nice for a night owl like me!


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27 thoughts on “It’s Spring! It’s Spring! It’s Spring! Win This Book Filled With Outdoor Projects

  1. The season of renewal in full blossom, the rainbows that follow a spring shower, a bright green meadow and the beautiful sounds of birds singing.

  2. My favorite sign of spring is when the jonquils start to bloom. They line the road that I travel to school!

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