Win a Joke Book. (Ha-ha, Just Kidding, Win TWO Joke Books!)

Why did the horse keep falling over?
He just wasn’t stable.

Why can you never take balloons seriously?
Because they’re full of hot air!

We’re having a blast with The World’s Best Jokes for Kids, Volume 1 and Volume 2. And you and your students can, too.

Take your best guess at the answer to the joke below. Submit your answer to this blog by Wednesday, April 3, to be included in the random drawing. One lucky teacher will win! (Update: Congratulations to Holly, our lucky winner!)

Here’s the joke:
What happens to astronauts who misbehave?

Give it your best guess or Google it if you must. Then scroll down to check out this week’s fun freebies and great offers.

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Did I mention that the joke books are illustrated? Even better!

Hope your week is full of smiles,


PS: This is it! Last chance to enter our WIN contests. They’re ending tomorrow!

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