Heart-Pumping Countdown

Star-gazing squats, terrestrial toe touches, and cosmic kicks are all part of this ten day brain-break countdown. Now don’t worry, you don’t need the colorful bulletin board. Simply draw ten stars on your board and number them from 10 to 1. You can also use this countdown as a lead up to any special event: a field trip, a field day, a picnic, or a surprise reward or guest. 

 The workout cards are ready to print and cut apart. Tape the cards facedown on the board below the corresponding stars and you’re all set.The cards can also be incorporated into your solar system studies. Simple, versatile, engaging—all the qualities that put an idea on a teacher’s list of favorite activities!

How many days remain in your school year?


Hang in there!


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3 thoughts on “Heart-Pumping Countdown

  1. Today was the last day for our children. We’ve got one more week of moving two rooms and setting up our classrooms for the new school year in August. Mostly just relaxing this summer, and djng some weddings in June and July. Also going to Chicago for our annual Kolar family and friends picnic the first weekend in August.

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